Rope coils

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Rope Coils
drop pattern
Equipped Fist Rope Coils.png
Doubloons 1
Decay rate 30 days

The rope coils are one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. They can be purchased at shipyards. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may be used by non-subscribers.

Generally considered more powerful than necessary for the associated price, the weakness of the rope coils is that it's not really great at anything. The strength of the rope coils is that it's not really bad at anything. People that prefer strikes tend to use a blackjack. People that prefer sprinkles tend to use the fish.

The biggest selling point with the ropes is its price. For example, a turbo-sprinkler might want to use ropes, because even if they would do much better with the skull rings, they can't (or don't want to) spend over 20,000 PoE to buy skull rings.

The rope coils are the "middle of the road" at sprinkles. Every bludgeon (except the hammer) has 3 to 5 groups in their 1-row sprinkle pattern. The more groups/colors in the 1-row sprinkle pattern, the better it is against sprinklers, and the worse it is against strikers. It is better against sprinklers because there are more groups to pop, and it is worse against strikers because there are more groups to turn into charged groups. With 4 groups in its sprinkle pattern, it is balanced against strikers and sprinklers, but isn't really strong against either. The generic sprinkle pattern is ABCD (4 different colors). The rope coils have a sprinkle pattern of ABCA, which puts it at a slight sprinkle advantage over ABCD sprinkle patterns, but still puts it at a sprinkle disadvantage against bludgeons that have 5 groups in their sprinkle patterns

The rope coils are the "middle of the road" at strikes. Since the 1st and 2nd rows of the strike pattern are identical, its 3-group strikes are fairly poor. In fact, 3-group cane strikes are more exciting than 3-group rope strikes. The diagonal lines in the rope coil strike pattern are aligned in the worst possible directions. The game forms strikes such that in narrow rope coil strikes, all of the diagonal lines form large groups. The rope coils need wide strikes to ensure that at least half of the diagonal lines don't form large groups.


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