Skeleton bone

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Skeleton Bone
drop pattern
Equipped Fist Skeleton Bone.png
Doubloons N/A
Decay rate 30 days

This article is about the bone bludgeon. For information about other uses of "bone", please see the disambiguation page.

The skeleton bone is one of sixteen bludgeon types used in rumbling. On subscription oceans, this bludgeon may only be used by subscribers. However, unlike most bludgeons it cannot be purchased at shipyards. The skeleton bone is only available in the seven colors that skellies come in.

Skeleton bones are acquired by participating in a winning skellie fray. While it is not necessary to survive the fray, players who receive a bludgeon are chosen at random. The color each player receives is also random. Players may receive a tell about the bludgeon: Bony Valentine tells you, "What do ye expect to accomplish by stealing my femur?" There have also been occurrences of skeleton bones being awarded from an Atlantis treasure chest.

The single-row sprinkle pattern contains 5 groups and 4 colors, making it strong against sprinklers, but weak against strikers. The strike pattern contains every rumble ball color in an "X" pattern. Although this looks exciting in the rectangular picture of the bone's drop pattern, note that the board is hexagonal. The "X" pattern almost guarantees that there will be solid lines of color that will drop many balls in one shot. The problem is that you have to be quick enough to be able to reach these drop off points before these solid lines can be broken up by the bone user making additional strikes.

The strike pattern also contains a very large amount of small groups, with many of these groups being at least two balls in size. This makes it hard to clear through unless you can sprinkle very fast. On the flip side, the very large number of small groups allows turbo-strikers to basically strike non-stop.

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