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Art:The Last Slice (of Pie)

From YPPedia

The Last Slice (of Pie) was created by Llama[1] for the Pillaging Picasso contest's created art category. It is based on Leonardo da Vinci's Il Cenacolo (The Last Supper).

About the concepts

"Many people have asked me about my Last Supper entry, asking me to explain some things - so I've decided to do so here. The first is the easiest - Cleaver likes pie a lot. Just ask him. Secondly the Octopus, Olivia, the eyepatches, and the hooks are all indeed on the wrong side of the body as I was parodying DaVinci's use of a camera obscura. Artemis is posing as John because she is, of course, Cleaver's most beloved (or, you know... most senior OM, close enough.) Also, if you hadn't noticed, she is grouped with the other older OM's in their original garb (I meant nothing by making Poseidon Judas, I swear. Don't smite me). To the left of them are the newer OM's. To the right of Cleaver are the code-monkeys, Jack, Peghead, and Roparzh. Then to the right of them are the Arrrtists: Bluebeard, Blackhat, and Nemo. Nemo is playing the role of Simon, who is the go-to-guy or the one that that people come to with questions, as he is in the forums (or at least, he's the artists that everyone blames or praises) And yes, the white bit at the bottom in on purpose. Sometime after DaVinci painted his, some architect decided to put a door through it. Kind of funny. I hope someone puts a door through one of my paintings one day."[2]

The process of creation

The artwork was created by using Photoshop, a Wacom Tablet, and a Logitech Trackball. Below are some sketch and process images to show how he went about making his creation.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2
Sketch 3
Sketch 4
Initial coloring of people.
Initial coloring of some walls and using the original artwork to approximate the door's location.
Initial coloring of the bottom half.
Detailing and shading of the people.
Additional tweaking of detailing and shading of the people.
Detailing and shading of the room walls and chair & pirate legs below the table.
Final touches to detail and shade the back wall and ceiling.

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