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Art:Pillaging Picasso

From YPPedia

Pillaging Picasso was a familiar event run in the Y!PP Forums by Apollo in May-June of 2006. Entrants were asked to choose a famous painting and piratify it. There were two categories in this contest - "Created" and "Photoshopped". The first prize of an octopus familiar was given to the top entry in each of the categories, Rubyspoon and Raggedrobin. Second and third places received flower trinkets and chose from the following list of prizes: Sleeping animal (tortoise, turtle, piglet or pig), painted war brig (not gold, smaller ship allowed) renamed to [Adjective] Picassofish or an Apollo doll. Runners up received flower trinkets.


Winners for the created category

Raggedrobin's winning entry

Raggedrobin's Green Scream

Second and Third places

Runners up

Honorable mentions

Winners for the photoshopped category

Rubyspoon's winning entry

Rubyspoon's Rum on the deck

Second places

The contest was close and three entries tied for second place.

Runners up

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