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Annaleese is senior officer of the crew The Phoenix Warriors and member of the flag Tyr's Own on the Midnight Ocean. She is governor of Lagniappe Island.



Annaleese started playing on Midnight back in June 2004, after watching her then roommate Bettany play. She started in the crew Calso's Corsairs, under the flag Dark Judgement. Soon after, Calso disappeared so she started a crew with Bettany called Bella Morte. Anna quickly became good friends with Anubis, the king of the flag, and she gained royal status there. Despite times of inactivity, Anna stayed loyal to Anubis and Dark Judgement, even serving as monarch a couple times. Soon after the Squeakbeard took over as monarch, Bettany returned and she and Anna created Seductive Succubi.

Even though everything seemed to be going well, Anna felt like she needed a change. It was then that she ventured off to explore some other flags. After a stint in Albion Navy and The Black Spot, Anna settled in over at Cold Steel. Anna quickly became in involved in blockades, pillages, and politics during her time there, but while she loved her time with Rebootkid and company, she missed her friends over at Dark Judgement and soon returned. Once back, Anna quickly took back her place in the flag and remained there.

During the building of the Lagniappe Island, Anna worked with Gawd and Squeakbeard to make sure that Lagniappe was built properly. With much work, the flag succeeded in keeping Lagniappe a lovely island to live on. Soon after everything was completed, the monarchy was passed on to Shortyjack. Anna stepped up to serve the new monarch as a close friend and adviser. She also assisted in numerous events during this time. However, good things came to end when several of the crews decided it was time for them to part ways. Once again, Anna had to step up in the role of leader and decide where to take those flag mates that remained. It was then that she moved her home over to Crimson Tide.

As the Dark Judgement chapter closed, a new one opened. Several of the members of Dark Judgement split off, including Anna's own crew, leaving her to decide whether Crimson Tide was the best place for the island and herself. However, over time, she quickly came to love the members of Crimson Tide and knew she had made the best decision. She stayed strong as the governor of Lagniappe, and despite being linked to Crimson Tide, Lagniappe still belonged to her and those from Dark Judgement that had moved on. When the island was temporarily lost, Anna believed it was time to move on, but her fellow flag mates in Crimson Tide did not want to give it up. Because of them, she still remains the governor of Lagniappe Island today.

Over the years, Anna has picked up on the concept of running shoppes and stalls. She now owns or manages several. Anna was placed as the queen of Crimson Tide after Fannon stepped down. Between the job of queen and shoppe owner, Anna stayed pretty busy, and soon passed the monarchy over to Yearbook.

After waffling back an forth with being active Anna decided it was time for a change and left Crimson Tide. Sweetiepiepi had been trying to steal Anna for years, so she decided to give Tyr's Own a shot. Soon after leaving Crimson Tide, her new flag decided that they should get Lagniappe back under her care. Now, when she is logged on, she continues monitoring the island and running the shops. She still rarely gets a change to go to sea. However, every so often you can catch her on a boat with some old friends or helping out some new ones.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Senior officer The Phoenix Warriors
  • Former queen of the flag Crimson Tide
  • Former princess of the flag The Black Spot
  • Former queen of Dark Judgement
  • First owner of Lagniappe Brewing Company on Lagniappe Island
  • Only owner of Fat Tuesday's Inn on Lagniappe Island



  • Icon Shack.png Owner of a shack at Jabba's Hut on Xi Island.
  • Icon Estate roommate.png Roommate of Shortyjack's estate at Estate Colossus on Xi Island.
  • Icon Shack roommate.png Roommate of Shortyjack's shack at French Quarters on Lagniappe Island.
  • Icon Cottage roommate.png Roommate of Moominshoe's cottage at Bourbon Balconies on Lagniappe Island.

Real Life Parties and Events

Shoppes and Stalls

Below is a list of shoppes and stalls that Annaleese runs when she is not out at sea.

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Ocean Trinkets

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Other Trinkets

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