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Cold Steel (crew)

From YPPedia

For other uses of the term, see Cold Steel.
Cold Steel at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Nightfalcon
Senior Officer(s) Cloakdeath, Limes, Zao
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Reapers
Disbanded as of 16 November, 2005

Cold Steel was a crew on the retired Midnight Ocean, once flying the flag of The Reapers. This crew has been disbanded.


Cold Steel is based on pillaging. While they don't discourage use of labor and shoppe ownership, they hold a pirate's worth to be determined by his or her success fighting at sea, via swordsmanship and other piratey account. They believe on a structured chain of command and in being laid back and relaxed, but never careless. Cold Steel's aim is to provide a casual atmosphere while pillaging vast sums of PoE each run.


Bilging and carping and sailing; all prized skills
And of course gunning will help you win yer kills
Navigation skill guides the ship to it’s prey
Leadership keeps us together through the day
But if yer not skilled with Cold Steel in yer hand
Ye not be getting any sum that be grand

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