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Squeakbeard, or simply Squeak, is an accomplished battle navigator, the monarch of Dark Judgement (and captain of Sanguine Justice), and the Pillage Coordinator of the Cnossos Restoration Project

Starting and in the crew Whirling Dervishes (under the same flag), he crew jumped until he temporarily became the captain of Dark Judgement, which became Belle Morte, which then changed its name to Sanguine Justice.

Kingship was then cursed upon him when Uberknight took a break from politicking and he took it over without losing a stride, admiraling the blockade of Lagniappe and blockade naving in many allies' blockades since.

Since cutting his chops blockade naving in a Avalon blockade, he has been called several times into service to blockade nav for Dark Judgement's close allies, and his close friends.

Contributions and awards

  • Captain of Sanguine Justice
  • King of the flag Dark Judgement
  • Former Governor of Remora
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