Ship salvaging

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A bottle of the sunken sloop, Dedicated Chub, in a trade window

Ship salvaging is the process by which the ships that are sunk in battle can be restored. At the time of sinking, the deed-holder will be granted a bottle containing an image of their sunken ship. The bottle dusts after 60 calendar days.

Repairing a sunken ship

'Salvage yer Ship' option in the shipyard.
The shipyard interface where players have to drag the bottle of the sunken ship from their inventory to get it repaired.

To have a ship repaired, a pirate brings the bottled ship to a shipyard and selects the 'Salvage yer Ship' option. Then the pirate drags the bottled ship from their inventory onto the 'shipyard interface'.

The bottled ship will be passed to the shipyard where it will be used to reconstruct their ship as it was, including paint, furniture, props, name, and class (if applicable), but minus the contents of the booty, coffers, hold, and chart table. When completed, the ship will be available in port at the island location of the shipyard where it was ordered.

The cost is equal to constructing a new ship of that size, and requires the same commodities, amount of labor and doubloons (on doubloon oceans). For limited edition or design ships, the cost is the same as the base ship type. For example, the cost to repair any limited edition sloop will be the same as the plain sloop.


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