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Furniture is made at furnisher shoppes. It can be used to customize the appearance of any building or ship.


The "Arrange furniture" interface. Click for larger view (60 kb).

In a building, only owners or managers can place furniture using the "Arrange furniture" button on the Shoppe panel. On an unlocked ship, the owner and anyone with fleet officer rights on that ship can place furniture, using the "Arrange furniture" button on the Vessel panel. On a locked ship, only the owner can arrange furniture. Only one person can use the "Arrange furniture" interface at a time.

Pressing the "Arrange furniture" button brings up a new view of the scene. In this view, furniture can be moved or removed. Tables must be clear of any tabletop items before being manipulated. When selecting a piece of furniture, the item's name and condition are shown.

Some items can be rotated using the mouse wheel or the arrow keys. A few items do not rotate at all, and many have only two or three positions instead of four. There is only one correct way to place an item on a wall depending on which way the wall faces.

When all the changes have been made, select "Commit changes" or "Discard changes" as appropriate. Once changes are committed, they are immediately visible to the people in the room.

Placement areas

Some furniture can be placed only on the floor. Furthermore, some of these have the further requirement that they must be placed adjacent to a wall. Tabletop furniture can be placed only on a table. Finally, some furniture can be placed only aboard a ship, and even then, only as a replacement for an existing piece of ship's furniture of its corresponding type (e.g.: placing a gilded cannon as a replacement for an original cannon).

Wall furniture has only one dimension: width. They always have exactly two views (except for framed portraits). Generally, the left-facing views of wall furniture will be darker because they go on the shady walls.


When a pirate places a piece of furniture, it leaves the pirate's inventory. From that point, it is tracked on the pirate's info page under the Placed Furniture tab. The pirate continues to own the furniture even if ownership of the building or ship changes. Furniture can be reclaimed from any location by pressing the Reclaim button on the Placed Furniture tab.

The new owner can remove furniture belonging to another pirate, but the furniture returns to the original pirate's inventory. If the original owner has been deleted, the removed furniture is placed in the inventory of the pirate who removed it.

When a house is returned or a stall closes, any placed furniture returns to the inventory of the pirate who placed it. Any furniture aboard a ship that sinks, or that belongs to a deleted pirate, will be lost.


When buildings and ships are created, they have furniture already in them. However, this furniture is a special kind called a "prop." Props can be removed but not relocated. Once a prop is removed, it is destroyed. This system prevents pirates from creating buildings or ships for the purpose of looting their furniture. If a ship that had props removed is sunk, salvaging will not recreate the original props; it will be recreated as it was when sunk.

Some items are neither regular furniture nor props. These items can not be removed or relocated because they serve a function. Examples include duty stations aboard ships and the shoppe table for ordering products. Some functional items may also be props.

The props that come with a manufactured vessel are listed on the appropriate ship page.


Unlike other items that decay, furniture does not degrade over time. Instead, furniture decays a little each time it is moved. Eventually, it will reach the end of its lifespan. If this happens when it's being placed or moved, it will be reduced to a prop, which can no longer be moved, only destroyed. If this happens when it's being removed, it will simply cease to exist, or as the game puts it, "collapse into a heap".

Storage items such as wardrobes or sword racks will halt the decay of any items placed within them. The item will decay the day it is deposited, and the day it is withdrawn. Note that any items which do not decay are not affected by being deposited or withdrawn.

Products, recipes, and colors

Furniture comes in a variety of colors. The furniture palette shows the list of color combinations for player-owned furniture.

There are hundreds of furniture items. To see their recipes, doubloon costs, and other additional info, use the navigational aid below.

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