Release 2009-02-04

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If A Homunculus Sees His Shadow, Does That Mean Six More Weeks of Cursed Fog?

From the Release Notes:

Portraits and New Items

  • New limited edition portrait backgrounds: Damayi's Cupid's Party, Damayi's Pirate o' Love, Happyharlot's Valentine's Day, Roseash's Lakeside Snow, Merethif's Winter Cabin
  • Returning seasonal portrait backgrounds: Valentine's Day Heart, Valentine's Day Swan
  • Limited edition white elephants are available in the Palace Shoppe
  • Seasonal Valentine's Day trinkets are available in the Palace Shoppe
  • New seasonal valentine furniture available in the Palace Shoppe: Rose wreath
  • Flower trinkets may now be held in portraits
  • Mugs may now be held in portraits
    • Solid or greater experience in drinking allows foam in the held mug
  • New clothing available for tailors to manufacture: plain knickers for ladies
  • New starter clothing, also available from tailors: patchy pants and solid shirts for both genders

New Player Experience

  • New tutorial mission for first-time pirates
  • Make navy gunnery mission only require Apprentice instead of Narrow in the 3 basic duty puzzles
  • Make navy vessels better understand their available duty stations
  • Tweaks to the pirate creation interface
  • Allow pirate creation during initial game download when launching from the web page

Cursed Isles

  • New sounds on the Cursed Isle
  • Cultists and Enlightened Ones now wield weapons of their own making
  • New Cursed Islanders have been spotted in frays: Vargas and Homunculi
  • Adjust bot AI for rumbling
  • New Cursed Isle loot is available for plundering

Miscellaneous Tweaks

  • Decreased the number of dragoons boarding from sea monsters
  • New titles assignable to crew members
  • Scale blacksmithing scoring with difficulty level
  • Restrict what html is usable in trinket inscriptions/wrapped present text
  • Warp to portal arrows if necessary instead of complaining that they are unreachable
  • Use antialiased text throughout the game
  • Flotillas now only blockade an island after at least two weeks of existence, versus one before
  • Always show the 'To home' button, even when at home (and tell users as much if they try to use it there)
  • Don't require officerhood to see vessel lock status from the docks
  • Adjustments to mugs in drinking:
    • Fix skull mug to properly only penalize by 40 pts on PLAYING the special, not drinking it
    • Stein - Make it +15/-10 instead of +15/-5
    • Horn - On playing specials, lose 10 points

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with foraging scores in puzzle competitions
  • Fix bug with inconsistently aged bandanas from item tutorial mission
  • Fix bug with vessels sunk between the time they pull into the CI cove and the end of the turn
  • Fix bug in ship placement coming out of cursed isle gauntlet - previously never placed to upper right of primary exit point.
  • Fix bug with the notice board's inn button when the inn is your home
  • Show "Board" instead of "Apply" on the jobbing board when a pirate is already jobbed into that crew
  • Add missing layers for dreadlocks & long-straight hair in portraits
  • Fix misaligned buccaneer jacket sleeves in portraits
  • Fix timing issues with some messages relating to scoring and drunkenness; this includes timing issues causing incorrect scores to be displayed game-end involving tankards