Release 2006-03-30

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Rumblin' Kings

From the Release Notes:
  • Rumble! - new multiplayer challenge game - Send jabs and blows to knock out yer opponent
  • Bludgeons - Available from the shipyard, these can be used in rumbling to attack yer opponent
  • Brigand Kings - Attack the most difficult brigands, and ye may find one of the Brigand Kings. Beat them and ye'll be rewarded with a prize commemorating yer glorious victory.
  • Sea Battle rating is being retired. Anyone with high ratings or experience will receive a commemorative trinket
  • New Battle Navigation rating, rates yer performance while navigating in one on one battles
  • Might rings are now calculated based on yer duty and fighting ratings
  • Drinking mugs have been rebalanced
  • Gift wrap - wrap presents to give to yer hearties.
  • Eggs as furniture - hide them around yer house, or have yer portrait taken with them.
  • Greeting cards available from the Palace Shoppe
  • New Managers and Roommates are now given the option to decline those positions.
  • Fancy beds can now be bought in a variety of colors
  • Improved OM-petition mechanism
  • Government deeds are no longer tradeable
  • Poker minimum rebuy enforced
  • Officer chat color changed
  • Changed color for league points for charts in pocket
  • Flag news posted when crew joins/leaves flag
  • Give gift subscription time using the /gift command
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a problem where bilge wouldn't report performance properly to the rest of the ship
    • Fixed poker ratings to be more stable
    • Fixed problem with furniture arrangement showing an all-black room
    • Building/vessel records no longer auto-scroll to bottom