Hell Avengers

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Hell Avengers at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Ellenya
Senior Officer(s) Kecapmanis, Linwen, Oldchow, Myst
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even (ship restocking = 30%)
Flag Affiliation Jewelled Seas
Founded 31 December, 2005
Last updated on 1 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Hell Avengers is a crew that pillages the seas of the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Jewelled Seas. Prior to the ocean merge on January 31st, 2012, the crew sailed the Viridian Ocean.

About Hell Avengers

Artwork by Makawhawla

Hell Avengers was formed on the Viridian Ocean in 2005. Members of the Hell Avengers crew have a loony sense of humor, and pillage for fun (and of course for PoE as well!). They value friendship, loyalty, and experience over statistics. Although they may be small in their number of members, all of Hell Avengers' officers are highly skilled and highly trained; their pillages are generally well run and they work as a team in most everything they do. Hell Avengers' battle cries include the famous phrase of "team and mash", and their pillaging aim is to "mash much rich ships". Hell Avengers were moved from the Viridian Ocean during the ocean merge in early 2012. The crew will now continue their adventures on the newly-created Meridian Ocean.

History of Hell Avengers

The crew Hell Avengers was founded on the 31st of December, 2005, by Archilles, who was a former senior officer in the crew La Maledizione. He was captain, until he left to found the crew THE PRODIGY, promoting Lenna to captain. Lenna did an amazing job of bringing the crew closer together, and making it better. With the help of the rest of the crew, Hell Avengers made the top twenty list of crews on the Viridian Ocean.

When Lenna had to leave the game, Adrielle (who was a senior officer during both Archilles' and Lenna's reigns) was given the captaincy. Through the months, Hell Avengers grew to become a tight and amazing crew, where everyone trusted one another and were friends. They enjoyed success in their pillages, and supported one another in times of need. It has been these things, and the wonderful personalities of its members, which has made Hell Avengers an awesome crew for all the years of its existence.

In the few years that followed, Adrielle tried her hand at running several Sea Monster Hunting trips. Although these trips did not result in the untold riches sought by the crew, they did result in fun, and prompted many new members to join the crew. The crew also made several attempts to attack the Cursed Isles, but unfortunately, these trips mostly result in sinking (and a disappointing lack of injuries for the pirates involved).

In August 2011, Adrielle left Hell Avengers in the capable hands of her senior officer, Ellenya.

Hell Avengers, although small in its number of members, remains a strong crew. The crew is ranked as Blaggards, and enjoys rumored fame. They vow to honor their proud history of having fun on the newly formed Meridian Ocean for many years to come.


  1. Archilles
  2. Lenna
  3. Adrielle
  4. Ellenya

Public Statement

The Hell Avengers public statement changes frequently, as birthdays, holidays, and other events dictate. Recent public statements on the Hell Avengers crew info page include: "Hi and welcome to HA! Join us as we pillage the seas mashing shippies! hehe... We are a pretty cheerful (yet crazy) lot; all we ask is that u dont leave us in battle!", and "We are the BEST!" The most current public statement of the 'Hell Avengers' can be viewed on their crew info page here.

Extended Public Statement

The Hell Avengers extended public statement includes a list of the required experience levels for each rank. It also lists the crew's Officers in Charge (OICs, or those pirates who assist the captain in the running of the crew), as well as a short list of rules which must be followed by all members of the crew. Due to restrictions in the length that an extended public statement can be, shorthand is used frequently in the 'Hell Avengers' extended public statement. This is shown below.

Hell Avengers' Current Extended Public Statement
-Pirate: Agreement of 2 OICs.
-Officer: Knowledge of officering, & the agreement of 2 OICs.
-FO: Knowledge of how to conduct a pillage, the trust of the crew, and approval by 2 OICs.
-SO: Ability to run pillages, loyalty, leadership & officering skills, trusted by the crew, and approved by 2 OICs.
**If u feel that u qualify for a rank, ask an OIC (Adrielle, Ellenya, Oldchow, Nixxy, or Kecapmanis).**
1) Don't leave ship during battle, or u'll get a -1.
2) Don't distract b-navver!
3) Failure to follow officers' orders during pillages = planking.
4) Rude behaviour/bullying won't be tolerated. Offenders will b expelled.

Prior to August, 2009, the crew's standards for each rank were much higher, and were enforced more strictly. Pirates needed to have reached narrow experience at sailing, carpentry, and bilging. Officers needed to have reached broad sailing, bilging, carpentry, and gunnery. Fleet officers needed to have reached the required stats for officer, plus have reached solid experience in gunnery and narrow experience in battle navigation. Senior officers needed to have reached solid experience in sailing, bilging, carpentry, and gunnery, and also need to have reached broad experience in battle navigation. These standards were relaxed in an effort to more easily recruit members to the crew.

Private Statement

The Hell Avengers crew have used their private statement to list the rules which must be followed by all officers, fleet officers, senior officers, and the captain of the crew. The Hell Avengers private statement is shown below.

Hell Avengers' Current Private Statement
~~Officers & Above~~
(1) B loyal, help crewbies, set good example;
(2) Use /o chat when appropriate;
(3) Restock ships u borrow with same amount as was in it when u took it. Don't park somewhere uninhabited;
(4) Tell officer running pillage at start if u won't b able to stay whole time. Don't make habit of leaving pillages. Don't take ship out if u don't have time to finish/port!
(5) Don't abandon ship at sea; restock after pillage; NEVER attack blue ringed ships (attack green/yellow);
(6) Don't minus ppl who work well but can't stay whole pillage (provided they don't leave in battle);
(7) Getting ppl to station - ask, order, PLANK!

Prior to August, 2009, there were three additional rules listed on Hell Avengers' Private Statement. These were removed in an effort to relax rules, and recruit more active members into the crew. These are shown below:

  • 2+ officers when pillagin on ships bigger than sloop (doesn't apply to FO & above);
  • Where possible, take turns bnavving (must b narrow to bnav ship);
  • Promotions above pirate must b approved by OIC =)

Crew Events

Crew Poetry

When Adrielle was made captain of the Hell Avengers crew in 2007, she held a poetry competition for members of the crew. Judging was done by Adrielle, with imput from the crews' former captain, Lenna. The prizes were card trinkets and poe. The three top entries are shown below.

There once was a crew called HA
They loved to mash shippies all day
When a ship crossed it's path
The things got rough
But they'd always win with a YAY! - Milashka.

This is a poem about HA! We love to mash shippies all day! Sometimes we fall, you might agree, but HA's the BEST crew there'd ever be! - Berry.

Avenge the hell...
Wait, that tinkles a bell!
Hell Avengers is the best
Always better than the rest!
All the people who leave
Won't get a present on Christmas eve!
This is the end of this rhyme
What a great rhymer am i! - Runeplace.

Amazin' Adrielle's Art Ask

Amazin' Adrielle's Art Ask was an artistic event held on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums in September, 2009. Participants from the Viridian Ocean vied for the chance to have their banner or coat of arms selected as the official artwork for the Hell Avengers crew. The winner of this contest was Makawhawla, and the winning artwork can be seen at the top of this page.