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This article is about the player versus player notoriety ratings for crews. For the ranks which crew members can hold, see Category:Ranks.
For the fame ratings, see Fame.

Crew ranks are used to label both player and NPP ships and crews in a ranked manner. The crew ranks in ascending order are:

  • Sailors
  • Mostly Harmless
  • Scurvy Dogs
  • Scoundrels
  • Blaggards
  • Dread Pirates
  • Sea Lords
  • Imperial/Imperials

Crew rank can only be affected by the outcome of player versus player sea battles. However if two ships of the same crew engage a player versus player battle against each other, the crew standing will suffer no change.

Historical notes

  • Crew ratings were added to the vessel display at sea in release 2004-01-26. Ratings of brigands were unknown before this.
  • Originally, crew ratings took all battles into account. Crew ratings were reset and made to only take into account PvP battles in Beta release 2003-10-22.
  • Crew ratings were added with Alpha release 2002-12-09.

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