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Ahoy! panel

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This Ahoy panel shows tournament details and the results of a cwho command.

The Ahoy! panel on the sunshine widget shows certain notices when they come up. The Ahoy! panel is usually empty, but can show:

  • A notice about news and/or issues which have appeared since that pirate's last login.
  • A notice about completed purchases, with a button giving the option to deliver them.
  • Swordfighting, Rumbling, Drinking, or Treasure Drop challenges from other players.
  • Trade requests from other players.
  • Hearty requests from other players.
  • Offers from other players to job for their crew.
  • Jobbing requests from other players to job for a pirate's current crew (for officers and above while sailing a ship).
  • Offers from other players to join their crew.
  • Information after pillages about how much booty was plundered and divided.
  • Tournament and competition information.
  • Results from the /who series of commands.
  • The new pirate help message, which offers a direct link to missions, some game documents, the forums, and a logoff button. This screen automatically appears after changing islands, and can be enabled and disabled from the options panel.
  • A notice, which shows up after every three hours of continuous play, reminding keen pirates that it might be a good time to take a break.
  • Treasure Haul notice, when a pirate is near a sunken ship.

Some notices disappear over time, but some need to be acted upon (or the player that sent them) before they disappear.

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