Ahoy! panel

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This Ahoy panel shows tournament details and the results of a cwho command.

The Ahoy! panel on the sunshine widget shows certain notices when they come up. The Ahoy! panel is usually empty, but can show:

  • A notice about news and/or issues which have appeared since that pirate's last login.
  • A notice about completed purchases, with a button giving the option to deliver them.
  • Swordfighting, Rumbling, Drinking, or Treasure Drop challenges from other players.
  • Trade requests from other players.
  • Hearty requests from other players.
  • Offers from other players to job for their crew.
  • Jobbing requests from other players to job for a pirate's current crew (for officers and above while sailing a ship).
  • Offers from other players to join their crew.
  • Information after pillages about how much booty was plundered and divided.
  • Tournament and competition information.
  • Results from the /who series of commands.
  • The new pirate help message, which offers a direct link to missions, some game documents, the forums, and a logoff button. This screen automatically appears after changing islands, and can be enabled and disabled from the options panel.
  • A notice, which shows up after every three hours of continuous play, reminding keen pirates that it might be a good time to take a break.
  • Treasure Haul notice, when a pirate is near a sunken ship.
  • When a pirate has been awarded a trophy, a notice appears in this tab as well as in the chat window.

Some notices disappear over time, but some need to be acted upon (or the player that sent them) before they disappear.