Fit on My Fez

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Fit on My Fez
Right-facing Tailor (upgraded) on
Bowditch Island (Stork Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Tilinka
Manager(s) Ynahteb, Crazee, Siggitysarah, Hal, Sharktail
Erected August 2007
Building-Emerald-Fit on My Fez.png

Fit on My Fez is a tailor on Bowditch Island on the Emerald Ocean. It was originally named Upper Class Turban of the Year. Charm has been added to the exterior of the building on three occasions.

Fit on My Fez is the Perilous Puppets' first tailor shoppe and specializes in bright and colorful female clothing. The male half of the rack was moved to Hatter-Eater Lad on Barbary in November, 2008. The current furnishing scheme is a modification of the winning entry in the Impromptu Interior Design Event.

Items of Note

  • Tilinka's first hat: an aqua and pink Captain's Hat bought in September, 2005.
  • Arguably the largest long dress collection on Sage, numbering 492 unique items including most Atlantean and several Indigo dresses.
  • Bronze Fish won by Siggitysarah
  • Ancient Pottery won by Mrev
  • Bronze Neckband won by Soulscape
  • Sleeping Turtle acquired through flirtation by Ynahteb
  • Stone Figurine won by Tilinka
  • Ancient Jolly Roger given to Tilinka as avatar payment

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