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The following is a list of YPPedians entrusted to perform bureaucratic functions on YPPedia, which consists of giving administrator or bureaucrat access to other users following consensus on YPPedia:Requests for adminship. Bureaucrats are added at the discretion of Grey Havens. If there is a need for more bureaucrats, then a request may be made to the current Ocean Master on wiki duty, Clotho, to look into the matter.

Bureaucrats actively performing promotions

  1. Bia (talk • contribs)
  2. Eurydice (talk • contribs)
  3. Barrister (talk • contribs)
  4. Callistan (talk • contribs)
  5. Fiddler (talk • contribs)
  6. Guppymomma (talk • contribs)
  7. Yaten (talk • contribs)

Other not so active bureaucrats

  1. Cleaver (talk • contribs)
  2. Landonf (talk • contribs) (Calrissian)
  3. Nemo (talk • contribs)
  4. Peghead (talk • contribs)
  5. Sophocles (talk • contribs)
  6. Artemis (talk • contribs)
  7. Castor (talk • contribs)
  8. Demeter (talk • contribs)
  9. Dionysus (talk • contribs)
  10. Hermes (talk • contribs)
  11. Hypnos (talk • contribs)
  12. Lelantos (talk • contribs)
  13. Mnemosyne (talk • contribs)
  14. Nemesis (talk • contribs)
  15. Poseidon (talk • contribs)
  16. Prometheus (talk • contribs)

Former bureaucrats

  1. Amphitrite (talk • contribs)
  2. Lizthegrey (talk • contribs)
  3. Tyroney (talk • contribs)

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Instructions for sysoping someone

  1. Wait at least seven days after the listing was made on YPPedia:Requests for adminship
  2. If it is not a self-request, check the user has accepted the nomination
  3. Check if there is a general consensus that the person should be sysopped or bureaucratted
  4. If the above conditions are met, make them an admin or bureaucrat using Special:Userrights
  5. Add their name to the list at YPPedia:List of administrators or YPPedia:Bureaucrats
  6. Move the listing from requests for adminship to recently created admins
  7. Inform the user that they are now a sysop