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Captain of Kogarashi, and Monarch of Winds of Change on Cobalt; Sr. Officer of Soyokaze on Midnight.

List 'o Plaices

Since acquiring the Strange Plaice, I've sought to grow a small fleet of Plaice named ships. All are "natural" names, meaning none were shanghaid. This provides yet another little game within the game, and a great way of meeting new people. Here is a list of my current Plaices, and who I acquired them from.

War brigs

  • Strange Plaice - Blackdragon (2005-06-07)
  • Simple Plaice - Commissioned (2005-12-05)


  • Famous Plaice - Brodes (2005-10-10)
  • Greedy Plaice - Wellington (2005-10-18)


  • Young Plaice - Sailmaker (2005-09-28)
  • Hard Plaice - Emmaretta (2005-11-16)
  • Proper Plaice - Dcyborg (2006-02-22)
  • Enlightened Plaice - Nanci (2006-05-21)

Callistan's List

Here are the things I think need attention most:

Less important ideas I want to see.

Wiki work