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Wonkots is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.

Quick Information/Accomplishments

Brief History


Wonkots entered into the Midnight Ocean as a subscriber in June 2004. He was quickly recruited into the crew White Widows. He advanced rapidly due to most of the leadership being captivated by WoW. He worked up from pirate to officer and senior officer. Most of these months were spent earning enough poe for his first sloop, and trying battle navigation.

In the fall of 2004, the Widows were mostly a ghost crew. He was taken in by Sailerboylee and Lagador of Polaris. The crew entered the flag Cold Steel. He became fascinated by the blockade game and participated in as many as possible. He continued to improve his battle navigation.

At the end of May, 2005, the small active crew's of Cold Steel merged into Orion's Blade. He continued as a senior officer in the new, merged crew. While in Orion's Blade, he participated in the defense of Wrasse in blockades 3, 4, and 5, acting as prep staff, executive officer, and navver. Orion's Blade merged into Plank Tarts in May 2007.

In January, 2008, he embarked with Rebootkid to recreate the crew Chimaera, as a viable force inside Cold Steel.

February, 2009, he admiraled the successful retaking of Wrasse Island for Cold Steel. He held the admiral post for Elysian Fields successful attack on Namath Island in March 2009.

In March, 2009 he was elected twelfth governor of Wrasse.