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An info page is a page within the game that gives information about something. Every pirate has an info page about them, as does each crew, flag, and island.


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A pirate info page in-game.

A pirate's info page includes:

*A pirate may choose to display up to six trophies. If one or more trophies have been earned, there will be a small button "View trophies".

**If one or more portraits are owned, there will be a small button "View gallery".

A pirate's info page can be viewed online via yoweb using the following URL:

Replace OCEAN with the correct ocean and NAME with the correct name. For example, viewing a pirate named "Blackbeard" on the Midnight Ocean could be done as follows:


A crew info page in-game.

A crew's info page includes:


A flag info page in-game.

A flag's info page includes:

  • The date the flag was founded
  • The flag's current fame
  • A list of flag members who are titled or higher in rank
  • The flag's reputation standings
  • A list of member crews, sorted largest to smallest
  • The flag's public and private statement
  • A group portrait can be displayed, if the monarch enables one


An island info page in-game.

An island info page can only be reached in-game through the info page of the flag or pirate which governs it. The island page includes:


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