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Whitehaze is currently a Senior Officer of the crew Bad Girlfriend, and the Monarch of the flag Dilemma on the Viridian Ocean. He used to govern Viridis Island. Whitehaze is also a well-known womanizer and poker-toady

Whitehaze was dragged kicking and screaming from the womb of Real Life into the pixelated world of Viridian Ocean in 2009. He was first discovered hiding in a small outcove near Lima Island by Falre of the crew The Power of Fire, who took the hunched creature under his wing and taught him how to play the game. Whitehaze soon found an affinity with Carpentry and Battle Navigation, which are the only puzzles he remains good at to this day. Rising through the ranks either through scaring the previous occupants away or by sheer hard work, Whitehaze soon found himself a Senior Officer of the crew. During his time here he found a mentor and friend, Elfeesh who would be the one to teach him all he knew about the game, and himself. Over the next couple of years, Whitehaze found himself following Elfeesh around to various crews as Elfeesh became more and more disenfranchised with the crews he joined. From The Power of Fire to Mutiny, then helping Elfeesh create their own crew and flag named Trolol and Fry Up respectively. Here they enjoyed themselves for many weeks, pokering and generally making a nuisance of themselves, becoming a scourge to the ocean as they progressively annoyed more and more people, most notably RiddleMakers when Whitehaze's troll-like features offended Reeves whilst 3Ping at a blockade. Soon, Elfeesh and Whitehaze realised they would be unable to continue their terrorizing rampage under the circumstances. They decided to give up the life of being Piratey-bandits and joined the crew Nightmare. Here he and Elfeesh remain to this day, enjoying their days bantering with and annoying the crew and flag-members, and any others they can possibly find.

Whitehaze managed to blag his way into governorship of Viridis Island. It is common speculation within the flag that Whitehaze paid his way into this position by giving out sexual favours to high-ups (most notably Qvintus), but it is openly realised by the royalty of the flag that it is actually due to Whitehaze's skill on the blockade board, rather than his skill in bed (which is known to be very poor). It was soon after that Whitehaze had his fall from grace. On the 14th of August following the Harmattan blockade that Whitehaze did not agree with, he argued with Qvintus. Q realised he had had enough of Whitehaze's gnarled features and disturbing figure, and so expelled him from the crew. Whitehaze and his friend Captainrich eloped together to create a new crew, named Bad Girlfriend, leaving Elfeesh torn.

After a few days in Bad Girlfriend, Whitehaze created the flag Dilemma with the mindset to blockade as frequentley as possible. This young Whitehaze did, he would sit in his dark corner all day, glaring across the poker table at his various adversaries, in his mind tall and intimidating human-types that would laugh at him as he cowered and hissed in fear. Eventually, though, Whitehaze managed to gather together enough money to blockade, and with a cruel and sharp-toothed grin he dropped chests all over the ocean, racking up many islands, and then losing them again as mightier flags vied for power above his level. Soon enough Whitehaze was left with just Moab, a small rock in a vast expanse of blue ocean, until there came a glimmer of hope for his beloved flag. With his returned friend and mentor, Elfeesh, he took the opportunity to strike at his enemies by stealing their precious jewel of Harmattan. However, Whitehaze had gotten more than he bargained for, and soon he was under attack from various flags. He stood on Harmattan beach, shielding himself ineffectively with his arms from the showers of lead that rained around him as his valiant flag defended his tricky misdeeds. For three weeks Harmatten was constantly under attack from a variety of flags, the barrage was so strong that Whitehaze could only weep as the feather in his cap, Moab, was taken from him by Devil's Advocates. With this heartbreaking defeat still fresh in his mind, Whitehaze aimlessly wanders around Harmattan island, wiping tears from his cretinous eyes and making small sandcastles by the surf.

Later on in Dilemma, Whitehaze met Seepnah, who fast became his most favourite pirate in the game. Seepnah taught Whitehaze many wonderful things on Puzzle Pirates, including how to blockade nav, how to troll your flag and how to be a top lad in general. On the 1st December 2011 Seepnah and Whitehaze happily married on the beautiful island of Terra. They then moved to the even more beautiful island of Napi Peak to raise their daughter, Elfeesh.

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