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For the crew Mutiny on the Cerulean Ocean, see Mutiny (Cerulean).
Mutiny at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Ceda (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Jaarrmin. Joeyjo, Niematorie (Active), Kookiez, Spikeyhog (ALL are dormant unless otherwise marked)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Sea Change
Founded 6 December, 2005
Last updated on 8 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info

Mutiny is a crew on the Meridian Ocean in the flag Sea Change.


Mutiny was founded on December 6, 2005. It was the dream of Thomie, Jaarrmin, Jexx and Warbaby to make the crew. It rose in strength quickly; unfortunately one of the four founders left, taking a chunk of the crew with him. Since then, the remaining three leaders have worked together recruiting tirelessly under the leadership of Captain Thomie.

Mutiny really has been through it all. Many have joined, some have left. What is important to them is that they are still here, and still pillaging, still contributing to Puzzle Pirates and much more.

To the reader of this article, the crew have this to say:

"If you're reading this, you're probably thinking, we're just the same as any other crew, and from the outside we are. But your experiences with this crew will stay with you, now, and forever. We are Mutiny, and we are not afraid."

Captaincy history

  1. Jaarrmin (? - ~Mar 12, 2006)
  2. Warbaby (~Mar 12, 2006 - ~Apr 27, 2006)
  3. Thomie (~Apr 27, 2006 - ~May 11, 2006)
  4. Jexx (~May 11, 2006 - ~June 22, 2006)
  5. Thomie (~June 22, 2006 - ~Jan 20, 2011)
  6. Ceda (~Jan 20, 2011 - present)

Flag affiliation history

  1. Infierno De los Diablos (? - ~Mar 12, 2006)
  2. New World Order (~Mar 12, 2006 - ~May 19, 2006)
  3. Sea Change (~May 19, 2006 - present)

Public statement

It's Time For A Change, Mutiny is ringing in their ears. It's time for them to strike back!! A band of outcasts, shunned by others, hated by many, feared by all. They formed together to create their own vision, their own force, their own crew! Taking no prisoners, accepting no excuses, they fight dirty to strike fear into those who oppose them, destroying their enemies and trampling on the weak.Har! Ye hear that me friends?! That be the sound of mutiny! Fear them. Do not trust them for there be mutiny afoot! Only a chosen few will survive! Har me hearties!! HARRR!!!!

We Senior Officers and Captain are very happy with OUR Flag SEA CHANGE, and although it is felt as a compliment, all flag invites WILL BE REJECTED!

Ranks and promotions are looked at on an individual basis and standings arent everything

Whilst we always promote this as a family game, the content of discussion on jobbing, crew and officer chat can often result in being that of an adult nature. If you are easily offended I would recomend ye does NOT join this crew as to avoid any situations coming about whereas mates get offended or even become unhappy pirates.


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