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TheUnderlord is a rather unimportant person, with his main pirate Underlord as a rather unimportant Fleet Officer in the crew Kraken the Egg, a member of flag Sea of Fire, and a proud citizen of the Cobalt Ocean. His stats are mediocre, as are his looks. He most distinguishes himself at bilging, and becomes the laughingstock of the ocean when forced to gun or rumble. He has been known to make incredibly stupid forum posts, but the vast majority are merely fairly stupid, or when he's feeling well, goodly stupid. His greatest accomplishment in-game, so far, has been eliciting a "LOL" from Eurydice.

Captain Translate

In this post on the forums, TheUnderlord revealed his true identity to be the infamous superhero Captain Translate, after responding to a plea by Rashnu for help in translating a post written in cryptic netspeak. The post won a "Post of The Day!" comment (but not the award) from Piplicus, which was promptly seconded and thirded. It also got him a hug from Rashnu, and a suggestion to "ask Cleaver for a job as the official OOO translator for greenies" from Wesleystuben. His calls to duty have been few since then, but nonetheless he bides his time, waiting for a call for help to once again pierce the sky and summon him, in all his 1337-speaking glory.

Shanty Raid-io

TheUnderlord has always aspired to be a Shanty Raid-io jockey, but was rejected when the job opened up for being too young. Nonetheless, he still loves the station, and listens to it very frequently. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he created a brief spot honoring the victims of that horrible natural disaster, which was then played for a short time on Shanty Raid-io during commercial breaks. He's also been fortunate enough to have lengthy IM conversations with LeJerque. He interviewed Heksubah once, but nothing ever really came of that except a chat log sitting on his hard drive. TheUnderlord has been told by some people he has a great voice, but those people were promptly sedated so that their temporary insanity could be treated. Sorry, Mom.

The Guy Behind the Pirate

TheUnderlord is, in that crazy game called real life, a supposedly bright high school student living in Wisconsin. Back in 2002, he was told about the game by a good friend of his. He then promptly forgot about it until a year later, when an article about the game appeared in MacAddict. He read the article, remembered what his friend had said, and then forgot about it again until late 2004, when he was leafing through MacAddict back issues, came across the same article, and, yes, forgot about it again. In June of 2005, he finally signed up to check it out. He then became promptly addicted and has since adopted the mannerisms of a pirate in everyday life, much to the chagrin of those who know him. In his spare time, TheUnderlord composes and sequences digital music, a sampling of which can be found here, as well as other audio-related activities. He also co-owns and works far too much on a MUD called Alluvian, which is not yet ready to be released for alpha, let alone beta, testing. He codes various useless things in Java, has some basic web design skills, and wants to be a game designer when he grows up. He is fortunate to have the company of two remarkably intelligent cats, Pantalaimon and Kirjava, who play on his account as his alts Undies and Underalt, respectively. He wishes his system was able to shoot first and talk later, but alas, it was not meant to be. He also takes great pride in the fact that the NSA was wiretapping his phone before it was cool to be monitored.

A+ L Sk+ !D DT C+ P Cp Bl+ Sa Gu N++ Sw+ R+ Al++ SF+ Dr TD-- Sp+ SpN: Ht++ Bn X+:+:* B+ Sh0_-===== Pt $+ Cl F++ GD FA! Wki+ Scr+ Bx

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