Sea of Fire

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Sea of Fire at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Hizzo of Sea Dragons
Member crew(s) Kraken the Egg, The Plague, Sea Dragons
Organization Titles are the flag's recognition awards; Royalty slots are for those who contribute to the flag and can be expected online on a regular basis.
Founded 6 March, 2005
Dormant as of 24 February, 2012
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Sea of Fire is currently a dormant flag on the Cerulean Ocean and was founded by Zarn on March 6th, 2005 on Cobalt.


Within months of founding Zarn stepped down due to other commitments and Roust became monarch. The flag previously owned Dendrite Island which was said to be won by Roust from Crotty, monarch of A Song For The Deaf, in a poker match.

Public statement

Ahoy There!

Extended public statement

Find info on basic game etiquette here:

Ahoy! We are a pillaging and merchant flag, out to have fun on our beloved Cobalt Ocean. Most of our mates are older, more experienced players, so leave your egos and drama at the dock; we don't want to deal with them. We pillage, run our shoppes and stalls, game or simply docktart. Did I mention flirting? We do that too. And we are committed to defending Dendrite with all our resources. There's a place for all of those things in this flag, but we are above all, old-school pillagers. We work hard, but play harder.

Please do not send unasked for alliance offers to us. Do not dock press us. Do not send us unwanted invites to join your flag. Do not ask my royals the day before a blockade to support your side.

Speaking of war, if your crew is too afraid to risk a sloop or two, we are not the flag for you. Look elsewhere. If you are still interested in joining us, please speak to one of the Royals.

If your flag shares similar values, we are currently reassessing our alliances. Please contact one of the royals to open discussions.

Flag Event: Topic of event varies by week. Tuesdays around 9.

Sloop Pillage: Tishabee takes one out at some time every Wednesday.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 22 April 2006 Dendrite III Defending yes Sea of Fire vs. Iron Dynasty 3:0 Defended island
2 6 October 2007 Dendrite IV Defending Yes Sea of Fire vs. The Enlightened 3:0 Defended island
3 12 April 2008 Dendrite V Defending Yes Sea of Fire vs. Twisted, Valor 0:3:0 Lost island

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Sea of Fire Forum: Membership in the forum is free. Please join using your pirate name.