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Who am I?

A 29 year old Canadian math teacher currently living in Cali, Colombia who loves to write and has a penchant for history. Reach me by MSN or Y!IM at

My Contributions

Being that I'm a history buff, I'm working on fleshing out some of the historical events and information for flags, crews, and alliances. I leave the game information to someone who enjoys that sort of thing more.

My Wiki To-Do List

Write Biographies of notorious RM Senior Officers

Research and write history on the defunct flag All But Malice

Help Lovelypen with any of the Silver Dawn history she needs.

Current Drafts

For the Parting of Ways section of Silver Dawn

A Difference of Opinion

With Ruby fully colonized and the multiple blockades of Cranberry Island a distant memory, a slight malaise began to set in. Silver Dawn continued largely as before - pillaging and shopkeeping - and staying out of ocean politics. Turning inward, the crews and the royalty council began discussions on what new aspects of gameplay might be explored.

War was the subject of many of these discussions, and while some crews were vehemently in favour of finding an opponent and getting involved in such a thing, others were just as adamantly opposed to the idea. Several crews sat in the middle, trying to mediate the discussions and offer compromise.

Red Rum Jack as Monarch

Better title needed

Spuggy found that his time was more limited by out of game responsibilities, and

A New Monarch

Four-Hour War