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Drawn by Chihiro.

In-game husband to Ellielee and citizen of Eta Island.

Senior Officer of the Ransack Marauders.

Contributions and Awards

  • Co-founder of the Ransack Marauders.
  • Owner of Acute Irony.


Calicohydro's first days at sea were spent sailing under the command of Plasmalink, captain of the crew Shadowlink. During December 2003, the young pirate formed a firm friendship with Ironfisted, a senior officer in the crew, and a pirate who was taking more and more of the responsibility of running the crew onto his shoulders as the captain disappeared frequently. Eventually, Ironfisted struck out on his own to form a new crew, the Ransack Marauders, with Calicohydro as his first mate and senior officer. Within the context of his new crew and role of senior officer, Hydro began experimenting in the trading, sailing merchant brigs several times a week from the Emerald archipelago to Namath Island in Jet, for a tidy profit. During these voyages the entrepreneur began recruitment, often turning trade runs into successful pillages and becoming known as a "dock pimp" within the crew.

January 2004 heralded the entry of Ellielee into the Ransack Marauders, recruited by Calicohydro from Epsilon docks. The two pirates quickly became friends, swordfighting each other for hours on the docks and flirting outrageously. Their canoodling became a regular occurrence and on February 24 2004, the two pirates were married on Nuptial Island, Calichydro receiving the gift of a cutter from his captain. In the crew's Green Turban Awards of April 2004, Hydro won a prize for helping to found the crew, along with his ongoing recruitment and donations of over 100 PoE.

With the construction of the crew's second shoppe, an ironmonger named Acute Irony on Eta Island in March 2005, Calicohydro took the lead as the first owner and chief manager, his experience in running a prosperous ironmonger stall on Jorvik Island proving vital in ensuring the early success of the shoppe.