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Syrupmaker is the current reigning monarch of the independent flag Oceanum Independentiae and captain of the crew Praedonum Independentium on the Obsidian Ocean. As of December 2018, Syrupmaker has been prone to encourage the patron rankings while also actively being productive in the blockade scene by proxy.

Syrupmaker is currently responsible (and primarily maintains) an active Obsidian Ocean project based on YPP Dweeb's Political Map called Alliance rings (Obsidian) (to be changed upon script release) that visually displays the political climate on Obsidian.

Viridian & Emerald

Syrupmaker was first active on the Emerald Ocean and Viridian Ocean through his time on Puzzle Pirates. Maintaining the same pirate alias since 2010, Syrup has been an active community member by hosting various of tournaments, events, and taking intercommunity marketing into his own hands by producing entertaining within the games functions.

Syrupmaker first became active when he started his first crew The Final Chapter upon returning to the ocean once hearing about the release of Obsidian. Syrup began to run tournaments on a daily basis and introduce the one of the first "pay per week" systems within the crew which surpassed to rank #1 within a few weeks. Upon the release of the Obsidian Ocean, Syrupmaker retired from the Emerald Ocean entirely.


  • Flag owned Marlowe Island for a prolonged period. (Taken by Caught In CrossFire)
  • Governed Marlowe Island twice on the Emerald Ocean and proudly named the fort Tortuga after the Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Governed Hubble's Eye.
  • Introduced an active and successful (but short lived) pay-officer scheme within a crew.
  • Spent over 75,000,000 PoE on black boxes to finally get a black raven.
  • Spent another 100,000 PoE on black boxes to give away in tournaments in celebration, only for the tournament winner to open another raven.
  • Actively working with other players to organize and conduct a series of "fansite" projects for the Obsidian Ocean based on flags, tournaments, and blockading.
  • Achieved #1 Patron (Obsidian & Emerald)
  • Achieved #1 Magnate (Emerald)

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