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Superbear joined Puzzle Pirates sometime in December of 2004. He joined the crew Balls of Fire after a while of searching for some good crews with the help of (his greenie and real life friend) Twizzler. With BoF he stayed for about a year moving up the ranks to fleet officer, being promoted by Cannonball, the captain of BoF.

Cannonball announced his quitting of Sage when a political disaster struck. After that Ladykay, took charge of the crew and promoted Superbear to the position of senior officer and first mate. After that everything went downhill for the crew when many partners and investors of the crew left and crew members dwindled from approximately 150 to a hopeless 20 or 30.

Superbear left in search of a new crew where he could be an officer or higher. He found the crew Hardcore Sea Ravers and passed the officer's test with flying colors. He stayed there at the rank of officer. With the help of Silverfur, now senior officer of the flag Hardcore Explorers, he made some money and begun to work on his skills.

At the peak of his stats and wealth, Superbear went dormant for about 4 months. After his dormant period of logging on maybe once or twice here and there, he found that his old friend, Lacusclyne, had inherited the crew Cobra from Elsietemares. Elsietemares had volunteered to step down because of his problems communicating to the rest of the crew; His main language was Spanish. Elsietemares had recieved the crew from Zartan who stepped down due to his lack of activity. When he rejoined he became fleet officer... but after about a week or so, Superbear became senior officer in the crew.

Current History

Superbear is now senior officer and first mate of the crew Chaos in Paradise alongside his hearty Greeg.

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