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Davsbrander is currently the captain of the crew Gone Shootin' which was founded in the year 2007 on March 19. He governs Iris Island on Midnight. His primary ocean is Midnight however he can be seen on Hunter from time to time.

Davsbrander can be found either pillaging in the Diamond or Ruby Archipelagos. Failing these he may be at his villa on Park Island carousing.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Previous senior officer in crew The Tartan Army
  • Captain and primary founder of the crew Gone Shootin'
  • Former prince in the flag Rise of Asgard
  • Former prince of the flag Don't Panic
  • Ran a crew/flag event Sloop racing and Tournaments.
  • Hit number 1 Gunner on Midnight on the 10th August 2007 then vowed that really couldn't be bothered to do it again.
  • Was one of the first people on Midnight to be awarded the Ultimate Battle Navigation trophy on the 5th October 2007 [1]
  • Captain of the crew Supernova, and titled member of Enigma on Malachite
  • Former prince of the flag Midnight Marauders
  • Became the second person on Midnight to win an ippolito on the morning of the 25th June '08
  • Beat Luckysun to win his first winter ornament trinket
  • King of Suntne Vacci Laeti
  • Placed first in "Familiar Foraging" on the 15th July 2009. He won a brown monkey familiar.


Davsbrander first joined the world of Puzzle Pirates in September 2005, but only played for a little while before deciding he couldn't afford a subscription and left again... He then found the game for a second time about a year later and created a new pirate which washed up on Quetzal Island on the Hunter Ocean and bummed around for a couple of days before deciding he didn't like doubloon oceans and moved to Midnight where he has resided ever since aside from a couple of bored forays back to the doubloon oceans and the testing ocean, Ice.

Davsbrander started life on Midnight on the Islay of Luthien and sailed around with various crew for a few days before joining the crew The Tartan Army, and flag Organised Chaos. He was promoted to pirate and was constantly looking for advancement, so saved for his first ship. This sloop (the Creative Haddock) has served Davs well and is still his favoured ship. Davsbrander rose fairly quickly to senior officer rank and was well liked in crew and enjoyed his time there. During his time in The Tartan Army, Davsbrander opened his first stall which was a shipyard on Delta Island.

The Tartan Army, however, was not to last and due to various reasons Davsbrander left just before the crew was disbanded, taking with him two good friends Lisamcp and Pengeenee with which he created his current crew Gone Shootin'. When The Tartan Army was disbanded another few officers came and joined his new crew.

Davsbrander seems to suffer from an addiction to trying to be as good at things as he can, and so has recently learned to bilge, carpent and distil properly... However this addiction has helped his crew grow in fame, and it helped Don't Panic maintain the number one spot for fame on and off.

His promotion to Titled Member and then Prince of Don't Panic has lead him to try his hand at the political puzzle, something he aspires to be better at. Learning the history of his flag and meeting new people while still running a fully functioning crew he attributes to his enjoyment of running pillages and skill of his senior officers to help out when he cannot.

He recently wrote a "Gunning 101" in order to help out a few friends in his flag. It has also been posted to the Y!PP forums for all to use. Also he wrote a quick "Shipwrightery Tips and Tricks" for his flag that is posted in his flag forums for anyone to read.

After an enjoyable year or so, Davs chose to part ways with the flag Don't Panic, he left on good terms and still likes to socalise with the pirates there. He then joined the flag Midnight Marauders. While there he perfected his Atlantis and flotilla navigation, enjoying using the larger ships, on the 25th June 2008 he became only the second person on Midnight to win an atlanean coloured Ippolito.

Davs has now managed to accouplish one of his game goals. To successfully finanace and win a blockade, along with his flag Midnight Marauders, they wrested Iris island from Brynhild's icey grip. He aim's to blockade again sometime soon!

Although busy with university work now, Davs remains active, albiet less so. Still hanging around on forums and more commonly seen in game at weekend, especially if there's a blockade to be had!

Over the recent Christmas period Davs managed to win his first and second winter ornament trinkets! One for beating Luckysun in a sword fight, and another for winning a gunning bake off tournament.

Davs recently left Midnight Marauders to find new challenges in the game by forming the flag Suntne Vacci Laeti. His new flag has now had several blockades and won two new islands and is growing well. Due to commitments outside of the game Davs has stepped down as the king of SVL, but remains the captain of Gone Shootin' and is still in active within the game. A new shoppe (Balls of Iron) has helped to retain his interest in playing.

Unfortunately the pirates of Suntne Vacci Laeti have now gone their separate ways due to various reasons. Davs has moved himself and his crew to Bipolar to join with some good hearties.

Shoppes and Stalls

Previous shoppes

Previous stalls

  • Davsbrander's Ironworking Stall on Beta Island
  • Davs's Distilling Stall on Chrysalis Island (Malachite)
  • Davsbrander's Weaving Stall on Lagniappe Island
  • Davsbrander's Ironworking Stall on Eta Island
  • Davsbrander's Shipbuilding Stall on Delta Island before moving to Paddle Boats
  • Managed Ramecies Apothecary Stall on Gaea Island
  • Managed Lisamcp's Tailor Stall on Oyster Island

Renamed Vessels


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Baghlah dock.png
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Poached Haddock Smoked Haddock Stubbly Beardie
Personal rename Personal rename Present from Cannonade,

Now sold

Renames for friends

Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Sloop dock.png
Reformed Crime Lord Cheeky Cunningfish Bohemian Gurlo Chocolate Milkfish
Present for Liizzie Present for Cannonade Present for Bohemiangurl Bought for Cannonade

Renames for Events

Sloop dock.png
Speedy Cowfish
Prize for sloop race[2]


Davsbranders avatars, used on the Y!PP Forums. Currently he is using:

Other Avatars

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Davsbrander has navigated, XO'd or Admiraled in the following blockades:

Malachite Midnight Viridian