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A docktart is a puzzle pirate who spends his or her days lounging on the docks of any given island, watching for friends, keeping track of who logs on, and generally chatting. They are prone to multi-tasking, and will often have Puzzle Pirates on as a matter of habit, actually letting the ocean reside as a background task while they do other things. They are considered as the socialites of Puzzle Pirates.

Docktart can also be used in an inflammatory or dismissive way, much like one would use the phrase "forum troll", as in, "Don't listen to that guy, he's just a docktart."


The word seems to have evolved from the Puzzle Pirate's language filter, as docktarts originally referred to those who would hang about on the docks and "tart" about the state of the game.

The term originated in a post directed at a Beta tester named Thesis from the monarch Bonnyrambler in this Parley thread, in which Thesis was objecting to the behavior of a pirate.

The "-tart" suffix can also be applied to other words and result in other meanings. A pirate who is overly concerned with and obsseses over their standings may be called a "stattart". A player who spends more time on the forums than in the game could be called a "forumtart". And so on.

The art of docktarting

Generally there is no purpose to docktarting. It is what some pirates do when they are bored, tired or particularly passionate about a arbitrary subject. Some pirates have solely dedicated themselves to this noble purpose.

There are no purposeful topics in docktarting as the conversation can meander from things such as the existence of god, calling each other greenies and meticulously scrutinizing each other's spelling and grammar and emoting violent actions. Nothing is sacred with the exception of cursing (which normally results in a /complain). Anything a pirate says can and will be used against them in order to make them look stupid, thus making the commenter look smart by comparison.

Debate in docktarting usually stems from particularly controversial issues, such as world events, spirituality and general social fallout. Typically this results in some pirates taking the conversation to a higher level of intellectual discussion while those ill-equipped to participate making /emote farting noises, or interjecting when they finally believe they can make a effective contribution to the discussion.

Sage Ocean docktarts

Some of the most famous docktarts on the Sage Ocean were those on Admiral Island: Silverazor, Kiralee, Jakthelad and Thaliana.

It was during 2007 and 2008 that dock tarting was most popular: Some crews even dedicating themselves to such activity like the Uptown Tarts, but by late 2009 many of the movement's ringleaders had fallen dormant, and dock tarting subsided as the infamous activity of Sage.