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The pirate Seerauber is played by the same person on all oceans. Malachite is now her primary ocean. She can still be seen with some regularity on Midnight and occasionally on Sage.


She washed ashore the beaches of Gaea in June of 2004 a naive greenie. She joined the crew Belles of the Seven Seas of Midnight Armada where she began the early stages of officer training. In November 2004 the Yellow Jackets absorbed the Belles and Seer (as her crewmates and hearties call her) continued to hone her piracy skills and became a valued senior officer in the crew. In December 2005 she left the Yellow Jackets and joined the Mad Mutineers where she was a senior officer. She served as a titled member and royal in Midnight Armada and in April of 2006 was elected queen of that flag. August 2006, found Seer weary of her royal duties and politics, and craving adventure and excitement on the high seas. A new found interest in PvP conflicts and the mechanics of warfare drew her to join with her long time friend and pillaging partner, Ttoonnyy in the building of a new crew called Glubber Lubbers, which was part of the flag Blighted until February 2007 when the crew joined with Good Omens for form a new flag called Riot.

Summer of 2006 found Seer venturing onto the Sage ocean to explore new horizons and meet new players. She joined the crew Shaken Not Stirred of the flag Armed Cocktail Party and in September 2006 when that crew disbanded she joined On the Rocks where she is now a fleet officer.

Upon the opening of Malachite, Seer decided to make a new start and experience Y!PP pioneering on the new ocean. She joined the crew Iron Pyrites with long time hearties Sprngweather and Ttoonnyy and, after a few months of drifting between a few flags, the crew become one of the founding members of the flag Enigma.

Seerauber enjoys Battle Navigation and can often be found leading pillages. She also loves to duty puzzling and can usually be enticed into coming along for a pillage or flotilla or Atlantis attack. She loves blockading and whenever her schedule allows enjoys being part of the fight for islands.

Contributions and achievements

  • Winner of a Nemesis doll trinket for her submission in [U Giv Doll?] forum dollmaking event.
  • Former queen of Midnight Armada
  • Winner of the first Y!PP Idol Forum singing event on August 15, 2006, and received a yellow/yellow parrot who she named Ella after legendary Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. This familiar has since been recolored to green/maroon.
  • Winner of Taco's Diamond Sloop Elimination Race on January 14, 2006 along with her crew Kipdg, Thelurker, Cenire, Swamprat and Silvering.
  • Winner of Summer Games Festival of Piracy! Alchemistry on August 23,2008 and received a rose/white parrot who she named Ophelia.