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Malachite Ocean was the fifth doubloon ocean and was opened on 2008-5-6. The ocean has fifty-five islands distributed among eight archipelagos - twenty-five outpost islands, twenty-five medium islands, and five large islands. There are three small archipelagos of three islands, each with one outpost island and two medium islands, four large archipelagos of nine islands, each with four outpost islands, four medium islands and one large island, the archipelago capital island, and lastly one archipelago of ten islands, containing six outpost islands, three medium islands, and one large island. Malachite, along with the Viridian Ocean was merged into the Meridian Ocean on 31 Jan 2012.

The ocean's name comes from Malachite, a green copper-based mineral with the chemical formula Cu2CO3(OH)2. The name may also come from Malachite green, a highly toxic pH indicator - the indicator is green in neutral solutions, but turns yellow in highly acidic environments (pH < 2) and colourless in basic (pH > 12 ). It is so toxic that it is banned in many countries.

The archipelagos in the ocean are named after lizard species and genera. The islands in each archipelago are named with some theme in mind - for example, the islands in the Basilisk Archipelago are named after real-world oceans, while the islands in the Draco Archipelago are named after mythological creatures.

Compared to the other oceans, the Malachite Ocean is more compact and dense - though it has the second greatest number of islands for any ocean (second only to the Midnight Ocean), it also has the second fewest number of league points (second only to the Ice Ocean, which also has the fewest number of islands).


Basilisk Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Black Ogopogo Outpost
Kithara Koro Outpost
Marmara Odonata* Large
Mirovia Island Medium
Rheic Island Medium
Sargasso Island Medium
Tasman Reef Outpost
Tethys Island Medium
Zechstein Island Outpost
Chameleon Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Ebony Serpent Medium
Ivorite Island Medium
Lilac Island^ Outpost
Draco Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Alicorn Island* Large
Cetus Island Outpost
Ichor Island Medium
Seirene Island Medium
Spizzwink Island Outpost
Striga Cay Outpost
Taniwha Island Outpost
Threewood Island Outpost
Wyvern Island Outpost
Xana's Trummet Medium
Gila Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Acanthaster Spits^ Medium
Akhlys Island^ Outpost
Cinnabarite Island Outpost
Eitr Glacier Medium
Fugu Island^ Medium
Mu Tambu* Large
Nightshade Island^ Medium
Scorpion Island Outpost
Viper's Drop Outpost
Iguana Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Emerald Ocarina Outpost
Murex Island Medium
Woad Island Medium
Komodo Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Arcadia Island Outpost
Buyan's Vortice Outpost
Celesta Isle^ Medium
Drogeo Island^ Medium
Duat Island^ Outpost
Flyaway Island* Large
Midgard Island Medium
Mu Abtu Medium
Zuyua Mist^ Outpost
Lacerta Archipelago Chart star red.png
Barracuda Island^ Medium
Cenote Island Outpost
Chelydra Cove^ Medium
Chrysalis Island^ Medium
Cornet Island Outpost
Morgan Island* Large
Saltstraum Rock^ Medium
Sconce Isle Outpost
Stalwart Reef Outpost
Whiptail Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Brunneria Borealis Outpost
Granuaile Medium
Yemaya Medium

* - denotes capital
^ - denotes colonized