Saints And Sinners

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Saints And Sinners at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Monarch Subsonic of Thar She Blows
Member crew(s) Accept Your Destiny, Ambersail, Endless Defiance, Master Hunters, Relinquished Euphoria, Surrender your booty, Thar She Blows, Vicious
Founded 22 May, 2007
Allies None
Wars Unknown Criteria
Last updated on 20 October, 2016
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This article is about the Emerald Ocean flag. For the similarly-named flag on Viridian, see Saints and Sinners

Saints And Sinners is a flag on the Emerald Ocean. The flag was founded May 22nd, 2008.


Public statement

Coming Back Hot

Extended public statement

Ambassador: Gunfury

Recruitment: Any Royal

Our goal. As simple as it may seem. Is to have a flag that likes to work hard and have fun. As we grow and progress. Things.And views,may change. But our heart stays true to those who believe in us.... SAINT OR SINNER?


Note: This is only one pirate's rather biased recollection of events, and does not necessarily reflect what actually happened...*cough* Acolyte *cough*

A small flag was created by Boardy and Cheiri and then joined later by Saucysoo. Being allies with Rebel Rousers, they were given Paihia Island early on.

Then one day, Yarrh and his crew Dragon Booty joined the flag. Among his crew were the two royals to be, Acolyte and Trilian. Very shortly after making the flag, Boardy came to a realization that he no longer wanted the flag and handed it over to Trilian along with 200k. Cheiri left with him, leaving Trilian and Saucysoo to run the flag. Seeing his opportunity to become a royal, Acolyte sprang into action recruiting several crews into the flag in the first two weeks, most memorably Team Beastie, run by Gunfury, and Atlantean Uprising, run by Nolam. This quickly earned Acolyte the spot of royalty, and Gunfury's large crew and high motivation quickly earned Gunfury royalty as well.

Thus the Triumvirate was born. After a total revamp of the flag and the dropping of the Rebel Rousers alliance ring, the joining of CC and EAC's elite ring sent Saucysoo into a mad frenzy, and she left the flag taking Boardy's 200k with her. With no ideas left on what to do, the Triumvirate did what was sensible; they continued to build, and added Deadwalk to the flag's royalty because of his 112 people crew. At this point the flag reached a rank of 3rd flag in the entire Hunter Ocean.

Then things took a turn for the worse, as a blockade intent was posted to take their lovely Paihia island. With barely a fleet, Trilian and Gunfury quickly ran to CC for help with their defence. Blue Horizon and their agreement made for a blockade. After 3 rounds it ended in wonderful victory after a successful defence (Trilian = JC, Gunfury as LA and Acolyte as BA). But that was only the beginning; the very next weekend another flag attacked. This time, with no agreement and no money left, SaS decides it best to forfeit the island to Saltatio Moris. This was the end of the Triumvirate. Acolyte promised after this blockade he was leaving for an extended period of time and vanished, and shortly after Gunfury also vanished, leaving Trilian alone with a morale-less flag. Then Aacprduction joined, and long time member of SaS Locan joined the new royal team. However, the flag never properly recovered.After Boardy left to join another flag...

The flag was for a time a dormant after Trilian joined Securely Fastened, Aacprduction created his own flag and Locan went dormant.


# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 3 January 2009 Paihia XXII Attacking No Seas the Day vs. Saints And Sinners 3:0 Didn't win island