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Locan is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He is captain of the crew Trouver Qu'll Signifie.


Locan started playing Puzzle Pirates after a long leave of absence (he was previously known as Aquzenn). He decided not to pursue many of his old friends and decided to start anew.

He started on Alkaid Island, and knowing the scenery quickly jumped aboard a sloop pillage being run by Bucaroo. Bucaroo and Locan quickly bonded, along with Seductive aboard, and Locan joined the crew Burnt Offerings.

In Burnt Offerings Locan started as a pirate, with no proof that he had been the pirate he once was, he decided to go for a job as pirate, although he quickly proved himself to be competent enough to run pillages, and got promoted to officer, and eventually fleet officer.

After 2 weeks in Burnt Offerings, Locan and Bucaroo got tired of much of the drama in the crew. Along with Eventide, they split from the crew (much to the displeasure of Dressedinred) and made the crew Merciless Fate.

Merciless Fate got numerous positions in flags, and after a while they joined United We Stand, then Life Before Insanity.

After a dispute between several Senior Officers Raziel, Wheaties, and Ceary all left Merciless Fate and formed the crew Aurora's Wrath. During his time in Aurora's Wrath, Locan pillaged hard as a Senior Officer. When Raziel, Wheaties, and Ceary all quit, Wheaties handed over possession of the crew to Locan.

Since Locan's possession of Aurora's Wrath, he has joined the flags Saints and Sinners, Illusion, and most recently Eye of the Storm. The Crew has gone through one merger (With the crew Folie a Deux), and 3 Renames. Aurora's Wrath is currently named Trouver Qu'll Signifie, and Locan is still Captain.


Locan has had many achievements, and here is an incomplete bulleted list of them.

  • Acquired possession of the crew Aurora's Wrath
  • Achieved Grand-Master Battle Navigation
  • Acquired his first renamed vessel, Black Wrath, which was subsequently sunk in a Cursed Isles expedition (DOH!).
  • Renamed his crew, not just once, or twice, but three times.
  • Helped in the blockade of Iocane Island in favor of Saints and Sinners (See Iocane XXXII, which happened on January 24th, 2010)