Sage Needs a Large

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Sage Needs a Large at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch Coalition of Livin' Large
Member crew(s) Livin' Large
Dormant or disbanded as of 25 June, 2007

Sage Needs a Large was a flag on the Sage Ocean and existed between April and May 2007. The flag was a group effort to support the Choose your own island "opening" event.


Sage Needs a Large was a coalition effort by several major flags on Sage, namely Allied Saruyama Forces, Candy Coated Chaos, Eternal Glory, Fearless Privateers, Hardcore Explorers, League of Light, Notorious, Passive Aggression, Phoenix Rising and T-N-T.

Their objective was to allow a large island to open for colonization, by preventing any flag from winning the colonization blockades of the outpost islands in the event (SNL Statement of Principles). To achieve this, Sage Needs a Large competed in the blockades, but did not drop a war chest to declare as a contender. Under blockade rules, all rounds won by Sage Needs a Large were therefore credited to the "defender," preventing the island from opening for colonization.


Sage Needs a Large competed at Deadlight Dunes, Jack's Last Gift, Ambush, and Scurvy Reef. They won the first three rounds at all four blockades, keeping the islands uncolonized. The flag disbanded after the blockade at Scurvy Reef, as the next island to be opened was the large island Bowditch.

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