Misfits Inc

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Misfits Inc at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Symphoni of Misfits of Midnight
Member crew(s) Misfits of Midnight
Organization Democratic
Founded 7 January, 2009
Dormant or disbanded as of 27 February, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
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Misfits Inc is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean.


On January 7th, 2009 Upon her crews request, Rhapzody, captain of the crew Ocean's Shadow on the Midnight Ocean, created the flag Misfits Inc. Operating under a monarch rule, Rhapzody become the first monarch under the flag. Djlucky, Erotika, Poopsies were the first royals of the flag. Mytic and Bekspapa were the first Titled members. After creating the flag, establishing leadership within the flag structure and creating an easy to use flag forum, Misfits Inc set out to sail the vast Midnight Ocean. On January 20, 2009, Misfits Inc debuted on the flag fame chart with eminent fame at #34. On February 10th it peaked out in the #14th position. It has remained steadily in the eminent fame since that time.

With the addition of Hakuna Matata crew came the growth that the small flag needed making the flag eligible for successful blockade event entries. The first official entry into a blocade event was on Tinga Island on April 22, 2009 where Misfits Inc claimed their first victory. 2 days later, on April 24, 2009, Misfits Inc defeated Dies Irae and Midnight Armada in an event blocade on Spring Island.

In May, 2008, the core crew, Ocean's Shadow left the flag to join the Anchor Management flag and leaving only the Light Knights in the Misfits Inc flag. Soon after, Misfits Inc went dormant. However, On Dec 30th, 2009, the crew Misfits of Midnight, Ocean's Shadow's alt crew, joined the flag and Symphoni, Rhapzody's alt, regained control of the flag as Monarch.

Public Statement

We are society's outcasts...a band of brethren bound to each other and to the ocean upon which we sail. We are the black sheep, the underestimated, the forgotten, and the survivors. We are: MISFITS INC.

Extended Public Statement

Misfits Inc. is BACK!!! We are dormant NO more!!!! If Symphoni isn't logged on..send Rhapzody a /tell if you need more info on this flag.

Ahoy, and thank ye fer takin just a wee bit o'time to read our Flag page! We are a fun flag made up of pirates from all over the world who want to pillage, plunder, and have an amazingly good time doing so! We are interested in recruiting like-minded crews to help us build up MISFITS INC. to be one of the greatest Flags to ever fly over the Midnight Ocean!


Crews will be free to join the MISFITS INC flag based on the following qualities: Trust, Loyalty, Willingness and Respect. All Royals have full support of the Queen to carry out any decisions in the best interest of the Flag...ie...to join crews to Flag, to talk to potential alliances, run flag pillages and events etc. So it is important that these qualities be met prior to being accepted into the flag.

Once a crew has been accepted into the flag there will be a one week "settle in" period to make sure the new crew wants to stay. If so, then the Captain of that crew shall be given a Royalty position under the MISFITS INC. Flag and will automatically recieve 1 titled position for every 15 members in that crew. As the crew grows...so will the potential for more titled members in that crew.

If ye be a crew who is interested in joining under our flag...please send a /tell to Monarch or any of the Royal members.

If yer interested in forming a strong alliance with us....please feel free to send us a random alliance request....we will be happy to send you a /tell to set up a meeting if we are interested.

~~~WARNING: Being a part of this great flag may cause its members to have sudden fits of unexplainable laughter, huge smiles, and an abudance of new friendships!!! ~~~

Fair Winds and Happy Sailing to ye All!