Release 2005-05-26

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Bugs! What are they good for?

From the Release Notes:

Ahoy mates! Just a quick fix to address some issues from our very exciting last release.

  • Per-drop wagering has been disabled in Treasure Drop.
  • Fixed bug that reported that you left the puzzle when a swordfight started. Don't report anyone leaving after the game is officially over.
  • Sword fight watchers should now see the correct status of all knocked-out players.
  • Fixed spades watchers from receiving a fake hand.
  • Fixed the countdown timer for parlor games to be 5 seconds again, giving time to boot players.
  • Update the flag name in the island tab when a flag is renamed.
  • Close all dialogs when a scene is changed to fix a rare bug in shoppes.
  • Always show payout type in hearts, even if it's not proportionate.
  • Tied games are reported correctly now in Treasure Drop.
  • The scoreboard in Treasure Drop should look better for Windows players.
  • Greeters will now be removed from the list of greeters in /who when they go off duty.
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to be unwearable after almost adding them to a tailor rack.
  • Fixed a bug that affected mates that play on cobalt and viridian, causing them to sometimes see a blank 'known world'.
  • Fixed a small bug in the apothecary puzzle.
  • Returned to requiring only Broad experience to show up on top 10 lists. Fixed it so that newly created alts should find it harder to catapult to the top of the ratings.