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Mcgillicutti is a senior officer of the crew Phantasm on the Meridian Ocean. Prior to the ocean merge, he could be found on the Viridian Ocean. While his original goals included learning to navigate a ship in battle and annoying his hearties, he quickly discovered that he enjoyed running stalls. His stalls expanded to include a distillery, several ironmongers and a weavery and three shops including a shipyard, a weavery and a tailor inherited from Caesarae. The more profitable ones he continues to run to this day. For many years, pirates could find him puttering around in one of these stalls or shops or sailing the high seas in hopes of defeating vargas on his cursed isle. These days, they are more likely to find him battling ghostly creatures or waiting on a ship to load before battle.


  • Trinket-Sea Battle ranking trophy (Legendary).png Trinket-Sea Battle experience trophy (Illustrious).png March 2006 - Achieved legendary/illustrious Battle Navigation
  • 10th in Carpentry bakeoff (1/26/13) on Meridian
  • 3rd overall in Spring Fling Omega (Carpentry/Weaving) (3/31/13) on Meridian
  • Golden haunted graveyard (4/30/14)

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