Reality (Meridian)

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Reality at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Ryannakjk
Senior Officer(s) Jjnight, Maryceleste, Sahtiaine
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Shadows of Fantasy
Founded 26 February, 2006
Last updated on 26 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Reality is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew used to fly the flag of Pay for Play, but is currently with Shadows of Fantasy.


Reality was founded by Ruiz on 26 February, 2006.

Rudebwoi became captain in May 2006, and passed on this position to Ryannakjk in August 2007. Reality is now a well established and well known crew on the Viridian Ocean.

Flag Affiliation

  1. Shadow Company
  2. Reality
  3. Pay for Play
  4. Shadows of Fantasy

Public Statement

Welcome to Reality. We are a fun loving tight group with a strong connection. Please note, Realitys officers are mainly adults and at times the officer chat can be of an adult nature. Please take this into consideration when joining.

Ahoy and welcome to Reality Formerly of the flag Pay for Play, (Fair winds our beloved Flag, we had a long run with many ups and a few downs we wish you the best and NO bad feelings on either side)

For those wanting to join the crew please read these statements carefully before asking any questions regarding promotion and the likes of such or you will just be redirected to these statements.

Reality's structure is always evolving around the crew. As times and the game change, we also have to change, so you need to be flexible and open minded to be a successful member of the Reality Family.

Variety:- We offer a variety of options for you to become involved with, such everything from green pillages sloop up to WF, High Stat pillages, PVP hunts, BK hunts, Merchanting, and training in all aspects of the game.

Reality have had a great 2 years on Viridian, I would like to thank all those who have helped make this crew as well known as it is. We would also like to thank all those for their hard work in making Reality the #1 crew on Virdian for quite some time, but here on in, we will now be concentrating on the actual crew, its goals, and skills, rather than having the #1 spot. Reality is NOT stepping down, but we are changing the game play. We have proven we can get and keep #1 but its a lot of hard work and at times not fun. we would like to find the fun again.

If You want to Merge with us its on MY terms as you must fit into MY structure, and NO I wont pay you to merge with us so Don't ask for that!

Mission Statement

The goal was to create a crew with a solid structure, reasonable goals and professional attitude for the serious gamer, yet not losing the essence that is, in fact a game, and games are meant to be fun! Reality is now a well established crew in Viridian and is amongst the top crews, and part of a great flag! Reality has an abundance of experience which they want to pass down to new and current players. Overall this will improve game play for all! As PP takes more and more steps into the future, Reality promises to be at the forefront of all new ideas to remain a top crew and household name on Viridian! Reality hope's you join the winning team and become part of the dream that has become a Reality!

Crew Articles

  1. Manners cost nothing so use them!
  2. Always obey your Senior ranking crew member!
  3. DO NOT ask to be promoted, the rules for promotion are quite clearly listed in this page! (You may bring it to our attention that your stats are of the required standard.)
  4. PTB (Permission To Board) must be requested on crew chat before boarding any vessel unless requested to board for a pillage by the OIC! Remember to state the name of the Vessel you wish to board!! SO's and above never need ask regardless!!!
  5. Only the owner of the vessel is allowed to take money from the coffers, trade commodities and split the booty! (Exceptions will be made for "Crew Ships" where the OIC may take the remainder after restocking)
  6. During sea battle please refrain from all chat as the OIC (Officer in Charge) needs total concentration in order to make sure they can enable us to win the SF to win you your BOOTY!!!
  7. You must NOT leave during battle unless it's an emergency, this could be the decider as to if we win the battle or not!!
  8. Begging will not be tolerated, there are many ways to earn PoE!
  9. Lazers will NOT be tolerated during a pillage, the only person allowed to be lazing is the OIC or XO's (eXecutive Officer) as they may be doing things required by OIC's and XO's during a pillage. If you are lazing you will get 3 warnings then be planked!
  10. If you need to be absent from your PC during a pillage you must leave the vessel so you can be replaced with someone who can work! you can come back on board afterwards!
  11. Regardless of it being your ship, if you leave it abandoned at sea, you will be Court Marshaled! the reason for this is a PvP ship can still attack the empty ship and take all your booty, and lower the crews standing!
  12. All crew must make every effort to help on pillages in action as this is the best way to earn your PoE and gain recognition for future promotion!!!!
  13. Only the Captain (Ryannakjk), First Mate (Rudebwoi), or any SO may expel or demote a member of the crew!

Promotion Requirements

Firstly, unless your stats fit into the required standard as listed below, do not even ask to be promoted to Officer Status, your application will be rejected. If you can't simply read this information provided and understand it, then you're not even ready to be a officer.

Icon cabin person.png Cabin person

Easy, just ask the officer holding the pillage if you can join, ideally at the end of a pillage! This gives you a chance to see if you like the crew, and the officer a chance to see if you will fit in with the crew!

Icon pirate.png Pirate

  • Role: A member of the crew who pillages with the crew, who has the basic knowledge of pillages, teaming, and rules!
  • Requirements: Must have pirate badge and pass Pirate Test!

Midshipman: The title Midshipman will be assigned to any Pirate in line for Officer status! These pirates will be trained in the basic knowledge of Officer duties in preparation for their promotion!

Icon officer.png Officer

  • Role: To take pillages, teach Pirates, assist FO's and above in the bigger pillages, learn how to be an XO and finally, yet also very important, recruitment!!
  • Requirements: Must have Officers badge (costs 8 Dubs from Palace shoppe), and have Broad in ALL Piracy Stats with a skill level above able including SOLID experience with a RESPECTED standing as a MINIMUM in B'nav, and finally pass the Officers Test.

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet officer

  • Role: This Role is for those Officers with great potential! FO's are the leading work force of the crew, much like SO's in other crews structures, responsible for scouting new officers and training, holding WB pillages, XO training and XO duties on WF and GF pillages, and motivation of the crew!!
  • Requirements: Must have Officers Badge (same badge as required for an officer!), own at least 1 ship and have solid in ALL Piracy Stats and ALL Above able, Renowned in B'nav as a minimum and finally pass my Fleet Officer test. To be considered for FO status you must be a member of the officers team who pillages regularly, and is noted in doing so by your seniors!

Icon senior officer.png Senior officer

  • Role: Very much like the Captain, Responsible for maintaining the crew and its structure! Dealing with discipline, funds, events, meetings, etc., etc.!! Also aiding the Captain with important decisions!! In my eyes, SO's are Captains in their own right and I give them all the responsibilities to do such!
  • Requirements: Quite simple really, Captain's choice and Captain's choice alone!!! This is not up for discussion!!!! Captain's choice will be based on your pillaging skills, crew interaction, how well you train and how well you do your job in general!!!

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