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Familiars Won

Pauldancer is a senior officer of the crew Rum for yer life and prince of the flag Qlimax on the Emerald Ocean. He's also known as Paulisma on the Meridian Ocean.


Paul started playing somewhere around 2006. After hanging around several months he lost his interest in the game and quit for about 6 years. He officially made his comeback on the Meridian Ocean, as Paulisma, in 2012. After crew hopping for several months he joined the crew Stripped and the flag Barely Dressed, which became his new home. Paul also fell in love with the blockade scene in Barely Dressed and made his debute on the blockade board. After becoming prince in Barely Dressed, Paul was pretty much done on Meridian. Also because Barely Dressed wasn't able to offer him the blockades he wanted.

He decided to move to the Emerald Ocean, under the name Pauldancer, and he joined the flag Qlimax. A few months earlier he had met Carpaccio, Superguido and Furyxx who are all diehard Qlimacians. After settling for a bit on Emerald, Paul and Furyxx decided to make their own flag: Wavin' Flag. In the end Wavin' Flag wasn't what Paul expected from it. So he left and rejoined Qlimax. After a week Paul reached the rank of Prince in Qlimax. He blockaded fiercely and became Governor of Scrimshaw Island. On march 22 Qlimax won Aimuari Island and Paul became the new governor of Aimuari Island.

On may 25th a total of 4 Qlimax funders including Paul decided to drop Admiral. At that time Such Flag Many Sinks controlled the islands for about 3 months. This resulted in a 6 week campaign and the collapse of Such Flag Many Sinks. After this victory Paul decided to step back from the cade scene for about 5 weeks. After debating what to do he decided to start off a new project on Meridian: Cream Pie.

Cream Pie had a succesful begin with victories at Fintan and Hadrian against flags such as Infamous and HU. After sitting on those islands for a few weeks he decided to go against Next Contestant. They were sitting on Labby Terra Napi and TLM for quite a while. The royals of Next Contestant attacked Paul & co a few weeks earlier on Admiral, he was out for revenge. The NC campaign took about 5 weeks and Paul and his royals took over Labby Terra Napi and TLM. Due to circumstances Cream Pie was forced to give up the islands a few weeks later, but a few weeks after that they decided to make a succesful comeback with victories at Terra, Kirin, Labby, Fintan, Hadrian and Napi. The weekend before christmas Cream Pie lost Terra, Labby and Napi due to being busy with a new campaign on Emerald.

Three weeks before Christmas 2014 Paul, Loupoe and Mukundgoel decided to set up an Admiral campaign against OM. This campaign started off from Razor Leaf. In the first blockade Razor Leaf got outjobbed heavily but still pulled out a strong 3-0 victory over OM. Nevertheless, a week later they had to concede Admiral to OM after being outjobbed again. The last week before Christmas OM decided to use a Brigand King scuttle to secure Admiral over the winter. After the winter break the campaign continued. However, Paul, Loupoe and Mukundgoel had left Razor Leaf to start up their own flag Low Blow to tackle the outjobbing issues they were having. From this moment on Low Blow won almost all fights over Admiral versus OM. The campaign lasted till 28th of February 2015, when OM failed their last attempt to conquer back Admiral from Low Blow. 10 weeks of fierce blockading had gone by with the result of at least a spending of 400M jobbing poe across both flags. As most lost Admiral campaigns lead to the end of a flag this was not the case for OM. After regrouping for about 2 months they continued their strikes at Low Blow 2 months later. By their side were Black Flag and Midknight Sun. Another month of blockading followed. Low Blow lost many of their medium and large seized islands. However, most importantly they kept control over Admiral Island.

During the period December 2014 and January 2016 Paul, Loupoe and Mukundgoel had Admiral for about 45 weeks. In 2015 Low Blow spent approximately 350M on blockades and side funded several flags such as Justrandomzz's Black Dawn Brigade.

In 2018, Pauldancer met the amazing Boraccha on Obsidian and since then his life has been blessed.


Nowadays Paul can be found playing poker, smashing his mouse, hanging around with friends discussing what island to blockade and playing with his favourite pirate Boraccha who is very sexy, strong, important, intelligent, amazing and his favourite human being.