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Natacha is a pirate who sails the Hunter Ocean.

She is currently captain of the crew The Mystery Fleet and royalty of the flag Blue Horizon.


As Natacha started her pirate career at April 5, 2005, she can be called one of the older players of the game. She was the first of her two sisters (Ascotte and Atlantica) to start playing Y!PP. She first sailed the Viridian Ocean, where she learned all the basics of the game and how not to be a greenie.

As soon as Hunter Ocean opened, she moved and started playing there. As on Viridian, she became a fleet officer of The Mystery Fleet(led by Atlantica) and started pillaging, as there was nothing else to do. Time passed by and things changed for her as well as the game. Eventually, she became the Captain of 'The Mystery Fleet' and royal/titled member in several flags, such as Dust, Requited Desires, Beyond the veil, Rebel Rousers, The Black Pearl, and so on... She currently is a royal of the brand new flag Blue Horizon, and is captain of the biggest crew of that flag.


  • Third Order of the Jolly Roger
  • Played for over 145,059,014 seconds
  • Ultimate Gunning
  • Monarch of the 6th best flag in Hunter Ocean
  • Governed the island Ilha da Aguia
  • Captain of the 3rd best crew in Hunter Ocean
  • On July 8, 2009, captain of the BIGGEST crew (bigger than FWF) in Hunter Ocean
  • Succesful runner of the weekly flag lotteries
  • of sloop races
  • Succesful admin of many flag forums.
  • Got an estate as a present of Poorfarmer

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Crew site: Her forum accounts are: nicolas_hop and _Natacha_

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