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Ascotte is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean.

A week after Hunter Ocean, it was Ascotte's turn to taste the life. She started as a brand new pirate on the new ocean, where she had the help of her sister Atlantica. She quickly learned the game and joined some crews untill she decided to found Armada. At the end of 2006, she became a greeter.

Currently Ascotte is most active as an XO and MAA on various pillages and trips to Atlantis and as a jobbing contact for her flag and allies during blockades on various oceans. Furthermore she's a politician down her roots and tries just to enjoy her piratey life having fun with her loyal crewbies and lovely hearties. She often can be found on, possible playing on Archelon or Ascote as her main alts.

Lately she has been paying serious efforts in order for people to regain interest in Ursa Economy. Along with Duckling she is one of the people who tries to keep the current economy stable and profitable.

Former ranks

Contributions, Awards and Accomplishments

Current rank


Blockade Experience

She mainly was a XO for blockades of The Black Pearl and later Castigo X. It was only within Beyond the veil that she mastered the art of being a Jobbing Contact. Her highlight as a JC remains March 22, where she jobbed for Sayers XI and Alkaid XII, winning both islands with 3-0 at a simultaneous blockade (Alkaid started in Sayers XI, round 3).

Her first admiraling experience she gained at Gallows XV, where she had to take it up against Tonnyy who fought for the flag of Castigo X. Only entering at round 2 with a limited amount of jobbers and ships, Tonnyy didn't stand a chance.

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