Release 2005-06-01

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Cry Havoc and let slip the bug fixing!

From the Release Notes:

Avast ye! We have a few more nice bug fixes, most of them fixing issues above and beyond any introduced with last week's big release.

  • Portraits: royalty from flags with "renowned" or better fame can now hold a sceptre. Cards may be held by experienced hearts players as well as spades players.
  • Fixed a bug with portraits that caused us to disable them for a few days.
  • Fixed the skellies to not create savvy hats.
  • Fixed up treasure drop to speed up animations if you are lagging and another drop has arrived or it's your turn and the last drop is still playing out.
  • Fix it so that the top of the /who ahoy popup should always be showing when it first pops up.
  • Fixed some bugs with wagers and disconnecting players at the parlor table matchmaking interface.
  • Fixed scrolling to show your booty share during booty voting.
  • Fixed apothecary scoring so that new players can advance more easily.
  • Fixed the times displayed in the blockade panel on the notice board.
  • Bugfix: when a pirate owning a stall is deleted, the stall will now be deleted instead of transferred to a manager or the governor.
  • Bugfix: /mute feedback is given if you /unmute a player that was not actually on your mute list. This should help people that claim they've unmuted someone but they still can't hear them.
  • Bugfix: you can no longer mute yourself.
  • Bugfix: duty puzzles would sometimes break if you passed star level 9.
  • Bugfix: previously, if you disconnected after having items decay, you would receive a repeat message that the items decayed again. Fixed.
  • Bugfix: the vessel tab will update to show the new owner if you're on it while the deed is traded.
  • Bugfix: if you add an item to the pot bonus for a tourney and then click on "help" the item will no longer be stuck until you log back in.