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Mistymate is a senior officer in Cookie Pirates and a lady of Crimson Tide on the Midnight Ocean.





  • Placed eighth in the Atlantean Conch Sailing Bake-off, winning a blue lily.
  • Won a sleeping turtle for solving Oceanus's riddle in the "Brains and Brawn" swordfighting tourney-puzzle on 18Aug07.


Mistymate washed ashore on Wrasse Island in June of 2006. After sailing for a bit as an independent pirate, she joined the Cookie Pirates, happy to have found a crew that was both fun and active in the present and familiar with the Midnight Ocean's past. She took her time getting promoted to officer, but then advanced fairly quickly. Misty is now an active senior officer for her crew. She was honored to be titled a lady of the flag Crimson Tide after aiding in the organization of their second blockade on Eta Island, Eta X. Misty tries to promote unity and activity in her crew and flag through events, pillages, and general good humor. She currently serves the flag as a member of royalty.

Mistymate manages Cookie Cutters shipyard, Woolverine weavery, and Lampirella furnisher on Xi, and The Loomy Bin weavery on Winter Solstice.

In the spring of 2007, Mistymate began voyaging to other oceans. On the Sage Ocean, she is a member of the crew Blockade Naked, which originated in Purity of Essence. Because of her continued political involvement on Midnight, she did not participate in any of their Midnight "PoE" operations. When Blockade Naked moved to Five Tons of Flax, Misty followed. As activity in BN dwindled, Misty began looking another crew to call home. She was taken in by her friend Fannon in On the Rocks, of Passive Aggression. The crew stayed together after PA disbanded and found itself an independent crew of mates for some time before joining a new flag.

When Malachite opened in May of 2008, Misty found herself drawn to the excitement of exploring new shores. After some crew hopping, she fell into the company of several mates from ROMS and was soon a senior officer in Styx and Stones of Charon Feather. As Misty's responsibilities on Midnight evolved, she discovered that she couldn't commit to leading a new, growing crew on Malachite and happily put on the fleet officer hat.


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Blockade Madness!

Mistymate enjoys the excitement, energy, strategy, and teamwork of blockades. (Yes, even against Brigand Kings.) In addition to puzzling for countless flags, she has held a number of leadership roles in these events.

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