Midnight Aurora

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Midnight Aurora at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Monlizzy
Senior Officer(s) Amallia, Darkmanf, Dreadrasta, Evolution, Karanga, Mrhatfield, Rebelchic, Scotlandrule, Starahoy, Taskmaster, Teckfuze, Willblade
Organization All opinions count
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Imperial Coalition
Founded 19 July, 2005
Last updated on 24 June, 2014
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Midnight Aurora.jpg
Midnight Aurora at a Glance
Obsidian Ocean
Captain Monlizzy
Senior Officer(s) Aeveafrat, Angelakay, Bobbrat, Celticsoxx, Djcoolboy, Dlonelyone, Iloni, Kikas, Krueger, Madcaptain, Martobain, Masee, Oliver, Pekzwarten, Peta, Ratoscurvy, Riss, Scotlandrule, Scrimeye, Sirwilyam, Taskmaster, Varsevius, Willblade, Yasmi
Organization All opinions count
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Lion's Bane
Faction Icon-faction-defiant armada.png Defiant Armada
Founded 30 June, 2017
Last updated on 17 August, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

Midnight Aurora

Midnight Aurora is a crew created on the Meridian Ocean by five ambitious pirates and has grown to be a top crew in their ocean and a member of Imperial Coalition. They try to be friendly with all types, but do take the game seriously. They joke with their small family they've created. Always willing to have new members join their family, as well as job outside the crew to keep the game just that: a game.

Midnight Aurora can now be found on the Obsidian Ocean as well, a member of the flag Lion's Bane.

Midnight Aurora has a modest crew hall on Lionhaven.


Midnight Aurora was created by a band of officers from the crew Dark Legion. In a random pirate's shoppe, Ratoscurvy (former monarch of Imperial Coalition) gathered together Aloriel, Gagne, Kindred, Tigerfan, and Zavebe to name and create their new crew. Zavebe came up with Midnight Aurora, as they were a crew who emerged at night and pillaged into the waking light of Dawn. The others happily agreed and thus, in the year 2005, on July 19th they were born. Monlizzy and Jalexander soon followed from Dark Legion and Siren, Pielover, and Itiscool, other former members of Dark Legion have since joined.

Since then they have grown and expanded, as well as lost valuable members. Of the original creators only Ratoscurvy remains (the others casualties to life or crew changes).

On November 1st, 2005, the crew Mischievous Monkeys merged with Midnight Aurora, giving them some wonderful additions to the crew.

Midnight Aurora has been a part of three flags. Firstly the Twisted Psychos, then left to join The Screaming Skulls, and when they found that didn't work Ratoscurvy helped create Imperial Coalition, which has proven to be very successful.

They are now, as a crew, currently supporting Imperial Coalition on Tigerleaf Mountain and Ansel Island.

In April 2006, Ratoscurvy stepped down as monarch of Imperial Coalition. The role was assumed Jalexander, senior officer of Midnight Aurora, before he too stepped down and the role was taken over by Monlizzy.

Public statement

With the Roman Goddess of Dawn at our side, we take over the ocean under the cover of darkness.

Midnight Aurora is a unique crew. Our members are very close, and we share a lot. We are also the monarch's crew, therefore we require any new mates to the crew to start out as a cabin person regardless of your skills and previous rank. This will be a sort of "incubation period" and it will allow us to get to know you better. You will eventually be promoted to officer when we feel the time is right (There will be few exceptions to people we trust and know well).

We hope you like our crew. We are not so new anymore, but we are still growing. We like to pillage, chat and sword fight, but having fun is priority #1.

Promotion requirements

Icon cabin person.png Cabin Person

Simply ask an officer at port.

Icon pirate.png Pirate

You need:

Icon officer.png Officer

You must have:

  • Broad and a skill level of master in 3 of the 4 pillaging puzzles (Sails, Bilge, Carp, Guns).
  • Navigated and battle navigated for the navy.
  • Battle navigated on a pillage with a SO, and be recommended by the same SO.
  • Applied on the crew forums when you're ready.
  • Participate in and successfully complete officer training program.

Officers may not initiate PVP battles (player versus player). PVP is covered in officer training so if you are engaged you will have the basic skills to defend yourself.

Icon fleet officer.png Fleet Officer

  • Fleet officers must prove loyalty, responsibility, and trustworthiness. Once you have proven yourself as officer you will be promoted.

Only Fleet Officers and above are allowed to initiate PVPs.

Icon senior officer.png Senior Officer

  • Be recommended by other Senior Officers

Crew rules

We have a few simple rules:

  1. Only ask to join the crew at port.
  2. No begging, cussing or spamming.
  3. Please don't leave during battle.
  4. Listen to orders from the officers.
  5. Ask for permission to board (PTB <ship name>) a ship before getting on. Do not hop onto a ship from the login screen.
  6. Be respectful of each other...Crew success comes from teamwork. If you have a problem, speak with an SO about it.

If you have any questions please ask any officer.