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Karanga is a senior officer in the crew Swords of Steal and a member of the flag Spank My Aft on the Viridian Ocean.

Accomplishments and Achievements


Karanga originally started on Midnight Ocean on the 19th April in 2005. When her trial expired, she decided to move to Viridian Ocean.

Karanga started as an independent pirate before being discovered by Thiever. She then joined the crew Monkey Mayhem and under Thiever's watchful eye and became a fully trained officer. The crew slowly started to disappear as the captain, Thiever, and then several key officers left the game. Karanga drifted from crew to crew before finally ending up in Midnight Aurora.

Karanga was promoted to captain on August 7th, 2007, taking over from Ratoscurvy. She has since left and is now senior officer in Swords of Steal.