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Lykojeyot is a fleet officer and of the crew Your Worst Nightmare on the Sage Ocean.


Battle Navigation, Gunnery, Brigand King Hunting.

Crew History

Known for being a bit touchy with certain issues that are sometimes out of a captain's hands, he tends to hop around crews for temporary reprieves.

  • Crystal Serpents - Founded and captained for a month before issues that caused an inability for Lykojeyot to play Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates at all. Where after the crew and officers had abandoned in favor of others. Belonged to T-N-T and closer to the end of its lifespan Notorious after a vote from the members of the time. He may reform this crew at a later date should he deem he can handle the pressures again.
  • Devil's Crew - First crew to welcome Lykojeyot as an officer, he had received instructions on how to play the Battle Navigation puzzle from its original senior members (Who now run the crew Metamorphosis.) Joined and left twice, the first time as a pirate and later as a fleet officer
  • Hoplite - Joined for a week, stayed long enough to find that it would only be disbanded shortly after he left.
  • Impending Insanity - Joined as a fleet officer for a change of pace and a more lighthearted atmosphere at the time, left for a political disagreement.
  • Jack Aces - Left four times, twice to Swashbucklers of Sage once to form his own crew and a once to join Impending Insanity, left lastly because of a crew merger to Flying Crossbones
  • Knights of Darkness - Joined from Swashbucklers of Sage at the behest of Saluteme to help increase the number of pirates with pillaging on larger ships, left after being accused of attempting to steal the crew away from its captain.
  • Mysterious Ways - Part of its initial set of officers at founding, helped name (though his suggestions weren't chosen). Stayed long enough to help get it on its feet with constant pillaging.
  • Outlaw's - Joined temporarily for a change of pace at the request of a hearty.
  • Swashbucklers of Sage - Joined and left over six times, first joined as an officer and later rejoined mostly at the captain's request as a fleet officer.
  • Your Worst Nightmare - Currently fleet officer.
  • Six or more other crews that have long since been disbanded. - All joined as cabin person or pirate.


In chronological order.

  • Pirate created on July 17th, 2006
  • Admiral rank in navy achieved on an unknown date.
  • Sublime Sailing experience achieved on an unknown date.
  • Sublime Carpentry experience achieved December 20th, 2007.

Blockade History

Blockade officer name: Fnar