Impending Insanity

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Impending Insanity at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Renevatio
Senior Officer(s) Agro, Gwiddon
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Bananas in Arms
Founded 18 May, 2007
Last updated on 27 August, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Impending Insanity is a crew on the Emerald Ocean originally founded by Crazee on the Sage Ocean on May 18, 2007

Public Statement

Incoming intelligence, illuminating into interesting information, involving inevitably invalid innuendo incurring incensement until interrupted by inconceivable interference including irrational interchange in Inuit.

Extended Public Statement

Impending Insanity - giving a whole new meaning to, "Aye, aye!"

It has arrived! Well it's impending, meaning it's on its way, but it's already here ... It's coming but it's here. The arrival of the madness is here? It's on its way, but it's here. I don't quite think I'm making sense. The incoming madness is here. It has arrived. No? It's here, well it's coming, it's on it's way, erm ... It's arrived. Well, it's impending, meaning it's on it's way and it's started making its way. The impending is here. Wait, that makes no sense ... Insanity is impending, already? Sure, why not.

Come and join the fun, we're willing to take on any members. Want to learn how to be an Officer? We'll teach you. Want to learn how to run a crew? We'll teach you. Want to know how to get above able sails? We'll help you. Want to just sit back and have some fun? We'll help you. Get the point yet?

We don't have strict promotion guidelines. All we need is to know you and trust you.

Still interested? Apply within.

Still sane? /me points to the door ;)

P.S. The banana's are Crazee's.