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Llamagirl is a officer and muse of the crew Scarlet Mist and member of the flag EAC. She sails the Hunter Ocean.

She started on a different pirate, Laurenllama, on Sage. After about a month of puzzling and making friends, she moved to the Hunter Ocean, which she now calls home. After crew hopping for a long time, she finally settled in Scarlet Mist. She is the proud owner of a townhouse on Quetzal Island known as "Costa Del Llama" with her friends Wddc, Desonn and Azion.


  1. Won an Endymion doll, a Thalia doll, a parrot feather, an orchid and a daisy in the U Giv Doll event.
  2. Won a handkerchief in the Bar Snack Modelling event.
  3. Came first in an avatar contest for Admire.
  4. Won a pin in a Frequent Flocktarts Fun event for coming first.
  5. Received a lime lily from Cephalopod.
  6. Won a cottage and Nemesis doll in "The Turning Point".