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Admire is a senior officer and wench of the crew Sexy Beard and a member of the flag Rebel Rousers. Also known as Swimer2 on the forums, she sails the Hunter Ocean. Admire is forum-active, and actively participates and hosts events.

In-game Accomplishments

Forum Achievements

  • Won a tan clam shell from Hypnos's tea time contest for an honorable mention
  • Took fifth place in Scarymuffin's forum bake-off
  • Won a single-player portrait, a portrait easel, and a wrapped labor badge for 2nd place in Squirt and Crush's Halloween Costume Contest, 2007
  • Won a cat and bar segments, along with sets of clothes from Squirt and Crush's Halloween Party
  • Won a red/navy pin and 5,000 PoE for first place in the Flocktarts' World Series 2007 event, sock category
  • Won a red/white heart ornament in Bia's Holiday Half-Hour Homilies 2007
  • Won an honorable mention from lold00dlz, December Daily Doodles 2007
  • Participated in Fair Windows in the December Daily Doodles 2007, received a candy cane
  • Won 8 avatars from Midnightbaby's birthday avatar contest for 1st place
  • Won an Alexariel egg for an honorable mention in the Easter Easel, 2007
  • Participated in Gaea's Encore Doodle II in the Easter Easel competition 2007; received chocolate chip cookies
  • Won 45 doubloons in Scervy's Insult Scervy contest


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